What foods can i do to gain a healthy weight?

What foods can i do to gain a healthy weight? Topic: What foods can i do to gain a healthy weight?
September 20, 2019 / By Gaylon
Question: I am under weight, no doubt about it. Im not an unhealthy eater, like i don't drink soda, or eat at McDonald's or anything, I just can seem to gain weight.I eat a lot too, like all my friends make fun of me because of how much I eat and don't gain anything; and yes, I know it's because I have a fast metabolism. But what foods can I eat that will help me gain weight so I can get to my desired healthy weight?
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Deye Deye | 5 days ago
i tried to gain weight by eating a bunch of fast foods, but i actually lost weight doing it lol. When I started eating healthy..salads, baked chicken, nuts raisins, fruit etc. i just consumed alot more calories and I gain 14 pounds in 3 months.
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Deye Originally Answered: ***foods to help me gain weight ? a healthy way***?
You need to eat frequently, every 2/2:30 hours. Your day should look like this... 9:00-10:00: Breakfast 12:00- Snack 2:00- Lunch 4:30- Snack 6:30-Dinner 9:00- Snack Now, you want to gain weight but you need to do it healthily so it is important you do not just eat loads of salty and fatty junk foods. I was anorexic and although you are not, I had to try and gain weight too! So i can completely relate. I can see why you might be so small with all those allergies! So I will try and give you a diet plan type thing to follow or use as inspiration when creating your own, that excludes all of those foods. You know yourself better than I do though! So if you think something won't agree with you, just try and change it for something with an equal calorie allowance. Breakfast: Have two bits of brown toast with a spread of your choice or a tin of baked beans. Failing this, you can buy rice milk to have a bowl of porridge with raisins or fruit or another bowl of cereal (your choice but better if it is wholegrain). To help you put on healthy weight, have a banana and a glass of fruit juice along with your breakfast. Lunches: A sandwich is the obvious choice with a healthy filling such as chicken salad or tuna cucumber. However, if you would prefer something else then that is fine! Also, jacket potato's are a fantastic way of getting in complex carbs that will hopefully help you pack on the pounds, team it with baked beans, tuna, chilli, anything you want really! Have some salad alongside it. With whatever you choose for lunch, make sure you have a small avacado side salad in a bowl and a piece of fruit. Dinner: These can be whatever your family cooks. Curry's, chill, anything with rice and pasta are the best choices. Make sure you eat a good portion and always have a glass of juice alongside it (just to add in those extra calories). After dinner, always have a high fat pudding, this can be chosen according to your allergies! It cannot be fruit though, try to go for something cakey or chocolatey. Snacks: You need three of these a day and they can include... -Small chocolate bars (dairy free ofc) -Fruit salads -Cereal bars -Dried fruit and seeds -Vegetable sticks with full fat sauce to dip (ranch or anything like that) -Smoothies (fantastic healthy way to get in calories) Eating basically will have to become a chore, you have to eat to put on weight, so even if you don't feel hungry you need to push through that and try anyway! It has been hard with all your allergies, but I hope you can use the template if anything for help! Good luck

Beverley Beverley
In the long term, B might undoubtedly aid you. But, A might be probably the most effortless. There is an seen reply. Choose A if you'll be able to do it. But, regulate the plan a little bit bit. Eat three,000 or nonetheless many energy have been to your common plan, however difference the meals. Try to consume healthful meals. Sure, humans with out consuming problems consume ice cream, pudding, and peanut butter. But, they do not are living off the ones meals. They consume them sparsely. Step again and compare the severity of your ailment. If you do not believe that you'll be able to thoroughly do this, speak to any one. An knowledgeable. Tell them the whole lot and spot what they consider. If they consider you'll be able to manage choice A, quality. But, if no longer, B might be the first-class factor for you. I wish this is helping. Good success!
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Abnor Abnor
1)Wheat: pastas, breads, rice 2)Cheeses, yogurt, ice cream Although if you have a fast metabolism and you eat well and enough then I don't see why you feel aren't a healthy weight. I was really skinny when I was in high school (i don't know how old you are) but it all evened out ... now I have to watch what I eat to stay at my ideal weight.
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Sloan Sloan
Well, sausage is a really hearty food. Soup can FILL YOU UP!!!. If I were you, I'd visit webmd.com. It helps.
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Sloan Originally Answered: what foods do you eat to gain weight?
If you are under some kind of "orders" to gain that amount, then you probably already have a doctor who should be giving you that kind of guidance. Obviously candy and that sort of junk would make you gain, but that would teach you nothing about nutrition. I think your emphasis should be on healthy eating.

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