Is it better to breastfeed or use formula?

Is it better to breastfeed or use formula? Topic: Is it better to breastfeed or use formula?
June 18, 2019 / By Flurry
Question: ive been reading up on it, and some sites say "no formula can compare to breast milk" and it says that formula with DHA is good but it doesnt pass off immunities like breast milk. then i read up on breast feeding and it says that theres toxins in it that mothers get from the environment, or food etc. that arent good for the baby. what should i do? to Cecily: if DHA is considered harmful, should i stop taking my prenatal vitamins that have DHA in them? i got it because it says that DHA may help support fetal brain and eye development
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Daryl Daryl | 2 days ago
According to most research, breastfeeding is best for babies for the reasons that you list and more. There are likely toxins in most anything we ingest, though if you are careful about the sorts of foods you eat, you can reduce the amount. There are likely some toxins that are unwittingly included in the ingredients in formula, too; so I wouldn't let toxins unknowingly ingested stop me from breatfeeding. However, some mothers are not able or willing to breastfeed. So don't feel rotten if you aren't able to. Just research it enough to make an informed choice, then do what you are able--that's what a lot of parenting decisions will come down to.
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Baily Baily
If the mother has a healthy diet, stays away from processed foods and chemicals, the "toxins" in the milk are very minimal. There are toxins in formula as well, as much of it is packaged in plastics which contain hormone disrupting substances. Breast milk is far superior from a health standpoint, and is also economical as you only have to pay for a few more calories for mom to eat. It is also convenient - always available, always the right temperature, and needs no preparation. A really good site for information about breastfeeding is kellymom.com. Good luck.
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Winter Winter
I believe breastfeeding is better for the baby and it helps you lose weight! awesome. lol. I was going to formula feed because I thought since I ate so crappy it would hurt the baby (I eat a lot or junk food but I also love fruits and veggies! but a lot of pizza and chicken fries and stuff) then I learned that it doenst matter what you eat breast milk is still better for the baby and no continue taking the vitamins with DHA its not harmful its suppose to help their brain and eye development. but when you have the baby and buy like cups and stuff just look out for BPA you DONT WANT BPA. I know thats totally off the subject lol
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Shauna Shauna
You are really confused here -- make sure you are reading stuff from reliable sources (eg, no babycenter.com, babble.com, etc that exist to sell formula and baby food advertising) -- start here: http://www.breastfeedinginc.ca/content.p... How do you feel mothers might ingest "toxins" but cows would be free of these same elements...? "it says that DHA may help support fetal brain and eye development" Key word being "may." There are no proven benefits to that sort of supplementation. Why not just eat DHA-rich foods?
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Pamelia Pamelia
Breastmilk is far better than formula. It is natural and tailored perfectly for each baby. There is nothing harmful in it, it's perfectly safe (except in very rare cases when the mother is taking a medication that is not compatible with breastfeeding, or the mother has HIV, for example) The use of DHA in formula is still being debated, and it is believed to be harmful rather than helpful. http://www.naturalnews.com/027437_DHA_baby_formula.html http://cornucopia.org/DHA/DHA_FullReport.pdf
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Pamelia Originally Answered: What kind of formula do I buy !?!?
It really makes no difference. All formulas must comply with certain guidelines for nutrition. The only difference may be in texture, price, organic/not organic, or added DHA/ARA. If you don't care whether it's organic or not, then pick whatever is cheapest. Regardless of price, it still has to comply with those guidelines, so it makes no difference. The DHA/ARA they add to formula, infant cereals, and baby food is not the same as the DHA/ARA found in breastmilk. The companies derive the DHA/ARA from algae, which has gotten some babies quite sick. And there's been no benefit shown from adding these compounds, probably because they're derived from algae, instead of coming from breastmilk. Personally, I'd change your plan and just stick to breastfeeding for the following reasons: ~It's way healthier. ~Exclusively breastfed babies can't get constipated...constipation is an issue with many formula fed babies. ~Breastmilk is fre. ~No bottles to wash or heat up, no formula to mix. ~Breastmilk will always be perfect, formula sometimes get recalled for various reasons. We all know about the melamine found in the chinese brands, but all the major formula companies have had recalls for other reasons such as salmonella contamination, glass particles, and vitamin deficiencies, just to name a few. ~Many who start out mixing breastmilk and formula stop breastfeeding altogether early on because their supply drops. If that's not enough to sway you, then I would encourage you to not start the formula until your baby is about 2 weeks old. There are two reasons for this. First, you know your baby will get nothing but colostrum the first few days, which is so important to the immune system. And second, if you are breastfeeding only, your milk will come in faster and you'll have a good supply. EDIT: I see on your other question that you're going to be having your mom watch the baby sometimes. I imagine that's why you're saying you're going to feed both. Again, I'd suggest breastfeeding only and pumping breastmilk for when she's at your mom's.

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