cant sleep at night?

cant sleep at night? Topic: cant sleep at night?
June 18, 2019 / By Fillin
Question: although im tired i cant usually get to sleep till the early hours of the morning. then at 2pm i get tired but cant get to sleep at night. and so the cycle continues. can anyone explain why this is? its really annoying
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Danni Danni | 4 days ago
Well, there could be lots of reasons. 1. How much caffeine are you having? Cut down, and stop by 2pm. 2. Do you smoke? Cut down, and stop as early in the evening as you can. 3. Don't eat heavy meals at night. 4. Are you suffering from depression at all? Insomnia can be a symptom. If so, call your doctor and they can help. 5. Are you on any meds that can have insomnia as a side effect? If so, your doctor can help you with that. 6. Try herbal tea with valerian, chamomile and lavender. Very calming. So is warm milk. 7. Take a long hot bath before bed. 8. If noise keeps you awake, try ear plugs. 9. If light keeps you awake, try a sleep mask, or black-out shades. 10. If none of that works, try a homeopathic remedy like Hylands Calms Forte. It will help relax you without drugs. 11. If none of that works, call your doctor. Good luck, and sleep well!!
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Aylward Aylward
You are possibly under some stress (or a lot of stress, for that matter) and you think about too much before bed. Try signing off of the computer and turning off the t.v well before bed, put on some calming music (on low volume), and try to think about calming things or things that make you happy (while your eyes are closed). This should make you a little bit drowsy and hopefully you'll be asleep within 30 minutes. If this doesn't work, try talking to your doctor or get over-the-counter sleeping medication.
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Vonda Vonda
I can not explain it really good , but the same happens to me...I can`t sleep till very late hours I think I know why it happens to me,it keeps going on for 6 months already,I think it is the stress,I have got alot to do,and have to think about everything I do...the problems I have to solve don`t let me sleep.you should find the reason why you can not sleep...maybe you are stressed aswell...I think we need to relax more...I know it doesn`t help you much what I wrote,but I don`t know either what to do about it...there are some teas it helps you relax,it is antistress,and I must admitt it helps me a bit...but not as much I would want to... sometimes I drink a cup of warm milk before going to sleep,and after it I get some hours of sleep...listen music that could make you feel better...this is what I do...
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Shannon Shannon
Lunesta and sleeping pills are weak. If this is a serious problem ask your doctor about seroquel. This always works for sleep problems. It blocks dopamine receptors which cause annoying thoughts and trigger wake ups at night.
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Oriana Oriana
Sometimes when your mind is racing fast, you are thinking about the events of the day. Just try to calm your mind such as yoga or meditation. That seems to help. Some soft relaxing music to put you to sleep. Goo luck.
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Oriana Originally Answered: Why can't I sleep through the night?
i strongly suggest valerian root. it's great at relieving stress and tension! you can get it over the counter and it's a great sleep aid! if you have one of those "racing minds" or "i can't turn my head off no matter how tired i am" then this will definitely help. you can find at your local grocery store in the pharmacy or herbal remedy section. start off taking 500-1000mgs, 30-45 minutes before you go to bed. now you can get this stuff in capsule form and it's 100% safe (my whole family has been taking it for years and our family doctor actually recommended it) however the only downside is that the more potent the brand your taking the stronger the smell. and this stuff smells AWFUL! but it's worth it. within 5-7 days you should notice a definite change in your sleep. WARNING! i strongly do not suggest that you take Tylenol PM and booze, in any form or combination. the main ingredient in Tylenol PM and Advil pm, or benadryl for that matter is diphenhydramine. here's what happens when you take it: You can walk into a drugstore and choose from an array of sleep aids, offered without prescription. The main ingredient of over-the-counter sleeping pills is an antihistamine. Antihistamines are generally taken for allergies, but also make you feel very sleepy. Common over-the-counter sleep medications are Sleep-Eze, Sominex, Nytol, and Unison; they contain antihistamines such as: diphenhydramine hydrochloride, diphenhydramine citrate, or doxylamine succinate. In general, over-the-counter sleep medications are not a good choice because they: Are not intended for long-term use. Interfere with mental alertness during the day, so you should avoid driving and other similar tasks. You may also be at risk for falling asleep Reduce the quality of your sleep by reducing time you spend in deep sleep. Use over-the-counter sleep medications only for transient or short-term insomnia and in conjunction with changes to your sleeping habits. Be sure to pay attention to your body’s physical response to these sleep medications. also look at the links on the website i've listed they have some good remedies! I hope this helps!

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