Does the weighloss pills slim quick work?

Does the weighloss pills slim quick work? Topic: Does the weighloss pills slim quick work?
July 18, 2019 / By Filander
Question: I heard that Slim Quick works, and that they increase energy, reduce appetite etc. Has anyone ever tried them? what are the side efffects? I am joining curves next week and i wanted something to get me started, especially since i get hungry ALOT so i wanted a good appettite suppressant. Any recommendations?? These are the ingredients: Nutratherm Thermogenic Complex: Micronized Green Tea Leaf Extract Caffeine Cocoa bean extract Yerba mate extract Clary Sage extract 575mg Estrotrim Hormone Balancing Complex: Soy isoflavones Vitex agnus-castus 55mg Cortifem: Beta-sisosterol Phophatidylserine Rhodiola Rosea root extract Theanine 50mg Aquaplex Water Removal Complex: Dandelion leaf and root Horse tail Uva Ursi extract French maritime pine extract 40mg Xtend Absorption Complex: Cellulose ethers Piper nigum 15mg Vitamin D (as Cholcalciferol) 200IU Vitamin B-6 (as Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) 4mg Folic Acid 200mcg Vitamin B-12 (as Cyanocobalamin) 12mcg Calcium (as Calcium Hydroxide/Carbonate) 150mg Other Ingredients: Gelatin, magnesium stearate.
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Dane Dane | 2 days ago
Pills to lsoe weight are never good, if you want to lose some weight try cleaning your colon, it helps a lot.
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Dane Originally Answered: A quick way to slim down ?
the best way to slim down for 2 months before your family occasion is to enroll in a gym,plan your diet avoid those fatty foods,manage your time wisely especially with your work and and your time to rest and sleep and the most important is patience and self-control..patience in taking your exercise cause it the result will not just take effect immediately and self-control in avoiding those heavy and fatty foods..

Avon Avon
I used slimquick to jump start my diet, but I did exercise too. You have to, or they will not work. True, at first you just lose water weight, but the pills can increase your stamina b/c of the caffeine without the bad calories of cola and energy drinks, so you can work out more. If you wanna lose even more weight, stop drinking all sodas if you haven't already. EAT LOTS OF FRUITS AND VEGGIES! for real, I'm serious. you will be full from those really low cal foods and so you won't pig out on other things. But I liked the slimquick, made me less jittery than dexatrim and hydroxy cut, but I would get off of them after about 2-3 months.
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Vivien Vivien
Sorry, but do really think that if any of the so called "diet" pills worked, there'd be so many overweight ppl? All are basically scams to put your wallet on a diet. Weight loss is a matter of calorie management and goal setting.
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Shannah Shannah
All it did for me in lighten my wallet. The only things that works is to eat less (and increase protein) and exercise more.
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Oralie Oralie
NO they do not. I bought a year supply and I went thru over 9 months worth. DO NOT waste you money.
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Oralie Originally Answered: Alli, or slim quick?have you tried any of these?
Ooooooo..... I tried Alli like a year ago for a month- I didn't take it very serious at the time and had the problems that you read about... the "alli-oops"- where if you eat something that has too many fat calories, such as a McDonald's burger, you almost immediately need to get to a restroom and have liquid diarrhea... I did the bottle almost until the end though- if nothing I can say that I didn't GAIN any weight. I've read it works, plus it's FDA approved. So I am getting serious about losing those pounds again and I wanted to jumpstart my diet and exercise program- I bought a bottle of SlimQuick- the stuff for detox... oh man! I do NOT recommend that stuff! I did five days worth and had to stop, it just isn't worth it. I know I didn't lose any real weight using it- but I had horrible cramps everytime I ate anything- and then soon after it was a lot of nasty diarrhea. If any weight was lost it was water weight and I feel like it was kind of a waste. So I joined a gym- started counting calories on thedailyplate.com (it's free and REALLY helpful) it's like facebook only for people who are trying to get healthy, whether it's losing weight, gaining weight, body building, training for a race, maintaining or just learning to eat better. It's very helpful- it calculates your calories, fat, protien, sodium... tons of others and tells you based on your sex, age, weight, height and activity level how many calories you should aim for to get to whatever your goal may be. I did just last week buy a bottle of Alli again, this time I am taking it serious. Eating better and taking the pills with meals. So far absolutely no side effects or diarrhea and in one week I've lost two pounds. Pretty proud about that- especially since it's been over the holidays. I do say that also adds to the fact that I am doing cardio and also eating less calories- I am eating just under 1500 a day and before when I tracked just to see what I would eat, since I didn't pay attention I might eat up to 3200 calories a day!!! mostly it was around 2200-2500 which is way too much for me while being so inactive. I never knew I ate so many calories- the problem is that most of it is junk food or sodas. Anyway- so to make a long story short after trying both SlimQuick and Alli I recommend you try Alli - as long as you take it serious. Follow the guidelines and you will lose weight. The pill claims to block about 10 grams of fat- so if you take three a day you are automatically cutting around 30 grams of fat that you otherwise would have eaten. That alone will result in some weight loss over time. If you combo it with a better diet plan and some exercise it will only help more! Good luck! :o)

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