How do genetically modified food benefit human health ?

How do genetically modified food benefit human health ? Topic: How do genetically modified food benefit human health ?
July 19, 2019 / By Fergus
Question: How do genetically modified food benefit our health and why are they better for us then organic products ?
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Daly Daly | 8 days ago
1. Fewer people starving. 2. Thanks to things like golden rice, fewer people experiencing blindness. > why are they better for us then organic products With organic products, less can be grown per unit acre or per unit farmer's time. Organic products may get munched by insects, or the soil may become depleted over time as artificial fertilizers are not used. They're more labor intensive to provide fertilizer, fight off insects, and pull weeds.
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Daly Originally Answered: Why is the government subsidizing genetically modified foods but not organic food?
Because Mxonsanto has an endless supply of cash with which it buys politicians, FxDA officials and scientists. Isn't that groovy - your tax dollars at work subsidizing corporatism, which is a form of fascism. The use of genetically modified crops is the greatest assault man has ever inflicted on mother earth. Over time, it will render her unable to produce food for her inhabitants. Why do you think the elite ruling class created the seed vault off of Norway. Once the new world order depopulation agenda is complete, GMO seeds will be banned and the vault seed used to return the world to natural food. EDIT Dumdum. You should be scared. People have no clue about this because the mega-corporations involved have the requisite power and influence over the mainstream media to ensure that the public "knowledge" works to their favor.

Autumn Autumn
BobD1 brings up GMO grapes, only there is no such thing. A lot of people confuse hybrids with GMOs (which are transgenic which means they have the DNA of an organism of another species or perhaps even Kingdom, they cannot be created sexually. Hybrids are not transgenic and can be created sexually) GMO's are not allowed to be certified Organic but any, other than the RoundUp Ready/LibertyLink types can be grown Organically, but cannot be certified organic. There are no health benefits of GMO's at this time. there is Golden Rice that is supposed to add vitamin A to rice but for the most part GMO's are all about herbicide resistance and getting various pesticides stacked in the genetics and fighting against plant diseases. perhaps some day GMO's will be engineered to be more nutritious, tastier, and other traits that are beneficial to the end user/eater but at this point all the traits benefit the farmer and not the eaters of the world. Now in comparing Organics to GMO's that is comparing apples to oranges, especially since we have maybe 15 crops that are GMO and in commercial production the main ones being corn,soy, rice, cotton, canola, summer squash/zucchini, alfalfa and papaya. there are a few others in production and several more in the research pipeline. All of these crops as i have mentioned can be grown using organic management practises. But considering around 95% of all the crops growing are not GMO how are they better than organically grown crops. Is organically grown grapes worse than GMO grapes? No because there are no GMO grapes, nor strawberries, watermelon, lettuce, basil, oranges, asparagus, leeks, onions, garlic, etc.. And there is plenty of evidence that organically grown foods are healthier, especially livestock, it can and has been measured.
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Virgee Virgee
nicely if the genetically changed merchandise has progressed something new that's risky then we is purely no longer waiting to end it. What do all of us understand will com out of this gene and that gene coming mutually, no longer lots till we test. yet purely through experimenting can we spot ameliorations so we don't understand each and every of the risky issues that would come out genetically changed stuff. a clean ailment or pest could desire to improve out of it with a DNA shape we don't understand of. As an entire that's sturdy for our well-being by way of fact it has better supplementations and healthful ingredients in it. So it could help us. It shouldn't injury the ambience too lots by way of fact it organic and organic and can wreck down and pass lower back into the earth.
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Shanice Shanice
Genetically modified foods are organic products. Take genetically enhanced grapes for example, have you notice that they have a longer shelf life and are generally larger and sweeter to the taste than regular ones. In short, genetically modified grapes produce more "natural" sugar molecules that the body can metabolize and convert to energy, than with other types. Genetically enhanced foods are just as healthy as their unaltered counterpart. Best regards
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Shanice Originally Answered: why can't crops be genetically modified and be organic?
Organic crops are GM modified. All crops are GM modified. Human beings have been selectively breeding crops (GM modification) for thousands of years. The only difference is that now we can use genetics in order to better control the modification to the plants. The reason GM has such a bad reputation was due to a discredited research paper published in the mid nineties. Basically someone did an experiment feeding rats and mice GM potatoes and this causes massive stomach damage and death. The reason it did this is because he fed them raw potato that is poisonous. He fed his control animals normal rat food (if they had fed them normal potatoes they would have died horribly as well). This got into a journal (which it was pulled from not long after) got into the press and caused all the bad rep for it. Anyone pointing out the fact his research was totally crap gets told they are helping a government conspiracy. GM crops are fine for you and due to pollination something like 99% of all non GM crops (by this i mean those we haven't used genetics ourselves and have only altered by breeding) contain some amount of GM genes in them.

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