Anyone trired Rescue Remedy for Pets?

Anyone trired Rescue Remedy for Pets? Topic: Anyone trired Rescue Remedy for Pets?
July 18, 2019 / By Ferdy
Question: I am moving soon to a place with roommates. One of my roommates has a puppy. I have already introduced the dogs but my cat is terrified of big dogs. The pup is currently smaller than my dog but won't be for long. We guess she'll be roughly 40-60 lbs. I came across Rescue Remedy and saw the good reviews. I was hoping it would make the transition easier for the cat and maybe help with my dog's separation anxiety. She's a good pup and is already submissive to my older dog which will hopefully be the same for the cat. He's really good natured and I don't think it will take him long to accept the pup (took 3 weeks when I brought my dog home) he's buddies with my dog, plays with her and even bathes her. But that initial 3 weeks was crazy! Anyone have anything to say about this product?
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Daley Daley | 5 days ago
If you want to stay completely natural in what you give to the cat then yes, you can try the rescue remedy. Just administer by mouth. You can also put rescue remedy in their drinking water. Valerian is another one you can try. You can find this at your health food store. I also recommend you get a Feliway DAP diffuser to help calm your cat. You can get them for dogs too. The cat one won't affect the dogs and vice versa. If you find the rescue remedy isn't enough then ask your vet for some Clomicalm. My cat is currently taking those tablets and it's worked wonders with her. We have a new puppy in the house and our cat isn't worried at all. I just crush up the pill and put it in her dinner. It's hands down the best thing I've used so far. Best of luck with your move and your menagerie!
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Daley Originally Answered: Homeopathic remedy - what do you think?
Who is making that garbage? Like 35 "homeopathic remedies all together! Every one of them would be possible for at least that many "conditions". Why do you want to suppress your cat's appetite? It is entirely false to say that homeopathic remedies used this way (or even single ones) are 100% safe. If you want to treat your cat homeopathically it is best to consult a qualified homeopathic veterinarian or a veterinary homeopath.
Daley Originally Answered: Homeopathic remedy - what do you think?
Homeopathic remedies are 100 percent safe. They can not harm your cat. The reason some remedies dont work all the time is because everyone is different in their dis-ease. Some people might have the same sickness but their bodies react differently thus they need different remedies. So someone that takes a certain remedy and it doesnt work doesnt mean homeopathy doesnt work. It also can matter how many succusions you give it or how often you dose some one or something. Dont over dose the cat it wont help because homeopathy does not work like drugs where the more you take the better you feel. Homeopathy is on a whole different page. I have seen miracles happen with homeopathy time after time. There have also been many scientific test on homeopathy. The big drug industries keep it quiet and try to put out propaganda saying it doesnt work because they dont make money on healthy self healing people. They make money off of sick people who have no clue how to heal them selves.

Austen Austen
A type of rescue remedy is used in the care of wild animals, brought to the hospital either injured, or orphaned. Since wild animals are extremely stressed in a captive environment, rescue remedy does help in some cases, but not in others. Much depends on the correct handling of the individual situation. It may be an advantage that the pup is still small and young. Good luck.
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Vina Vina
Ma'am I believe that stuff was made for humans. at least that's what they told us when we got some for my wife to stop her from having panic attacks. It didn't work and she said it taste like liquor. She didn't give none to the cat though. We never knew you could.
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YES! Probiotics is absolutely what your horse needs. Antiobiotics kill everything in the intestine...including all the good bacteria. This bacteria is essential for immune system, digestive, and intestinal health. You cannot overdose on probiotics. Just don't get a supplement that simply includes probiotcs--they usually don't have nearly enough. Just get a probiotic. :)

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