How do I soften my baby's stool?

How do I soften my baby's stool? Topic: How do I soften my baby's stool?
July 19, 2019 / By Faron
Question: My daughter is 7 mo. now and has had hard stoll for the past two months. Yes we did introduce solids and yes she is on formula but nothing we try seems to help her. Her Dr. suggesting adding extra water to her formula, did it no luck.... tried apple, pear and prune juice, no luck..... she doesn't eat rice cereal, she eats foods with fiber... even tried Karol syrup mixed with water. She does use the bathroom regularly, it's just hard and much to big for a baby her size! I feel so bad when she is crying because she has to push that thing out! Does anyone has any advise about using something we haven't tried to soften her stools?
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Crofton Crofton | 2 days ago
Is she crawling? I don't expect her to be walking. But exercise helps keep things regular more than anything else. With my daughter, she had constant constipation. We put her on lactose-free formula and that helped a little (try that, either lactose free or gentle-ease, but not soy. Soy constipates.) We tried the 4 Ps (they contain sorbitol and help babies go) and while it helped, it didn't stop it entirely (pineapple, pears, prunes and peaches.) The fruit is always better than the juice though. In the end what helped her the most was us exercising her. Bicycling her legs, massaging her belly, encouraging her to crawl, making her stand, etc. Also limiting her time in things like bouncers, car seats, and other things that put pressure against their bottom. And then things that helped her relax. Every night I would sing the whole song of "little white duck" which is fairly long while exercising her and massaging her belly, and she would almost always poop for me. Something to keep in mind, the more times they're constipated the more difficult it will be to stop the constipation. Fiber does NOT cure constipation, it just gives them more to poop out, and sometimes it can constipate them more, so don't try to bulk up on fiber with her that only makes it bigger. Rice is a constipating food so avoid rice cereal like the plague. Constipation is also worse if they are dehydrated, so make sure you are mixing enough water in the formula, giving her little drinks of water and watered-down juice, and in mixing cereal make sure you mix it before adding things like baby-food into it. Ie, mix up the cereal until it's good and mushy, then add in any flavorings (I always added flavors once my baby was doing solids.) Yogurt can help as well.
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Crofton Originally Answered: What is the most natural way to have my stool soften.HELP!?
I went and bought some "Phillips" stool laxative. and it works within a couple of hours. I felt Relief right away. It wont hurt the baby because, it goes out the body. the body does not absorb it in any way. G oh Its called "Milk of magnesia" oh a lot of people will say eat more fiber and fruit... But when your already constipated it will make things worse especially when you are bloated, fiber bloats you bad! My doctor said take the laxative, an ennemia, and stool softners that helps for a right now relief.

Asia Asia
For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/aD9IE She's right to avoid the juice and water, that's such bad advice whether there is a history of allergy or not. If she is formula feeding, I'd suggest checking that she is making the bottles up correctly. If she's making them up properly can try giving the baby water between feeds (so long as it doesn't put baby off taking milk feeds) because water is the best thing to soften stools (if dehydrated the body holds onto water & losing it in stools isn't a priority) or she may consider changing brands, some brands are known to cause constipation over others, she should speak to a health professional before switching. Regardless of how she feeds these can be tried: *Baby massage is good for stimulating the bowel, but it must be done correctly. Gently stroking around the naval in circular movements can help... however it MUST be in a clockwise direction (as the bowel goes in that direction, if you go the other way you'll be moving the stools in the wrong direction & making the problem worse), also you should only do the circular motion 4 - 6 times. *Warm baths *moving the legs gently in a cycling motion can help (if the baby has any problems with it's hips don't try this). *Other things that have less evidence to support them include gripe water and sugar water, personally I wouldn't use them either, but you'll get people giving all sorts of advice about corn syrup etc...I'd say these are quite old fashioned remedies without much scientific basis & should be avoided due to the allergy problem. If you try these and nothing works then a glycerine suppository can be prescribed by a the health professional, but will be a short term remedy as what ever is causing it will continue and the problem will come back. ps the allergy thing goes like this: No food or fluids other than breastmilk for the first 6 months, if formula fed then drinks of water are ok. The reason behind it is because if you have a history of allergy then baby may be more likely to develop an allergy. Introducing solids or other fluids to the diet before 6 months can increase the risk of developing allergy because a baby's tummy is underdeveloped & quite porus, so large molecules can pass into the blood stream, this isn't the case in a developed tummy. If large food molecules pass into the blood the immune system recognises it as an imposter and makes antibodies that will 'attack' it next time it enters the blood stream & this will be seen as an allergic reaction (rash for example). So the advice isn't to just avoid fruit juices, but all foods (anything considered a non clear food, ie not breastmilk or water), of course in the case of a formula fed baby the baby will be exposed to non clear food on a daily basis & it's for this reason that it's advised not to switch brands because different brands contain different ingredients. Hope that makes sense, best of luck to your friend :)
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Vena Vena
This is your baby's digestive system's way of telling you that it is too immature to handle all this food. At 7 months she should be mainly having breast milk or formula, with a LITTLE solid food. She is a baby, go back to what she was having before she became constipated, if that was formula only, then go back to that, and start her with just vegetables and/or fruits, but just a little to start with, maybe a table spoon each day.
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Seona Seona
Well I'm sure you already know this but the pediatrician told me to avoid the BRAT diet (no bananas, rice cereal, apples & toast/breads). Pears, peaches. apricots, plums & peas help constipation. Or you might want to limit the baby food/solids & up the formula she is intaking.
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Olive Olive
have you tried actual prunes, like pureed ones? guess it probably would work if the juice didnt. if it dosnet fix itself or keeps coming back you might consider switching formulas. my daughter had HORRIBLE constipation problems, after trying everything we finally started using enfamil gentlease, within a couple of days everything was normal and has been ever since. even the similac sensitive didnt help!
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Olive Originally Answered: Does stool softener work when there is stool already in the colon?
That's the reason you take a stool softener. Also, be sure and drink plenty of water. Consider that you probably need to increase your fiber intake, drink more water, and get some exercise. Even brisk walking every day is Good for helping your digestive system to work normally. Good luck, and God bless.

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