If you are pregnant why is it bad to use laxatives?

If you are pregnant why is it bad to use laxatives? Topic: If you are pregnant why is it bad to use laxatives?
July 20, 2019 / By Farley
Question: Still don't know if i am yet or not but really constipated and just wondering if it is safe to use laxatives--i used some the other day but just used some fiber but just want to know what a laxative can do to the baby...sorry if it sounds stupid
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Crispin Crispin | 1 day ago
Doesn't sound stupid! but you can't use laxatives...I'm not sure if this depends on how far along you are or not so you might want to check with your doctor on that one but I know that you definately shouldn't later on. Just eat stuff with a lot of fiber in it that should help out! But when you take laxatives the baby also takes laxatives which can make the baby poo also which is bad. This sometimes happens when women are overdue anyways, they can tell by the colour of your amniotic fluid when it breaks. Again sorry I dont' know how far along you are but I know your not suppose to for that reason when it's closer to your due date. Same reason you shouldn't take castor oil to bring on labour!
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Crispin Originally Answered: taking castor oil laxatives while pregnant?
I was 10 days late with my daughter, so I feel your pain. However, I wouldn't advise drinking castor oil. As you've seen with the other wives tales, they are just that - wives tales. The same is true about castor oil. It works for some women, but those women likely would have gone into labor without it. If it doesn't work for you, you are likely to have only the side effects of castor oil (diarrhea and vomiting). Given that you're likely to naturally go into labor soon, do you want to be exhausted from vomiting and running to the bathroom before labor begins? The bottom line about various things that supposedly help labor along is that if your body is not ready to have the baby, nothing will force it to be. That includes medical inductions. There are many cases when women go in to be induced and have no progress and end up having a c-section. "Some women and practitioners, doctors and midwives alike, swear by castor oil as a way to induce labor. Other mothers have tried castor oil and have experienced the side effects but remained pregnant. There are practitioners who do not recommend castor oil because of potential side effects like dehydration (from loose stools and/or vomiting), fetal distress and meconium in the baby. Though castor oil inductions take place without the knowledge of the practitioner in some cases, it is always wise to talk to your midwife or doctor about how to use castor oil before doing so. Induction before your due date is never a good idea in the absence of a medical reason. Even then, a castor oil induction, may not be your best option. It may not work." (http://pregnancy.about.com/od/induction/...

Ashur Ashur
Laxatives cause your intestines to spasm helping you clean out your system. The spasms from your intestines can cause your uterus to start contracting, sometimes long and strong contractions. Most laxatives don't actually have any effect on your blood stream or anything of that nature to actually hurt your baby that way but the strong contractions can hurt the baby.
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Velma Velma
Not stupid at all. I have IBS so when I was pregnant and constipated the OB told me that I was only allowed to use suppositories, no laxatives.
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Selma Selma
It can cause the baby to have a bowel movement in utero. Try increasing the amt of water and fiber you take in daily
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Ohndria Ohndria
While you shouldn't use laxatives, you can take bulk fiber like Metamucil. Don't push too hard either or it can lead to hemorrhoids.
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Ohndria Originally Answered: Can laxatives make u gain wieght ever? Like ive been eating junk but i take tons of laxatives after each meal?
Well you're like totally like screwing up your body...like yeah! Seriously, grow up. Taking laxatives to help you loose weight while you consistently eat junk food is like cutting off your arm and then trying to heal it with band-aids...sure it might slow the bleeding, but it's not solving the underlying problem that you're missing an arm! Do you get where I'm going with this? STOP EATING JUNK FOOD AND YOU WON"T NEED LAXATIVES!

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