can exercise cure or slow asthma?

can exercise cure or slow asthma? Topic: can exercise cure or slow asthma?
July 20, 2019 / By Eryk
Question: So I have exercise induced asthma and will wheeze and struggle breathing for around 10 to 30 minutes after running. I'm a strong believer that our bodies are made to adapt and with a very healthy diet and exercise my body will attempt to suppress or even cure the asthma. So I'm wondering if anyone else has done this? Or tried?
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Conner Conner | 1 day ago
Yes our bodies adapt. However, our bodies are also idiots in some cases. Autoimmune disease such as Lupus, Crohn's disease, etc are diseases where the body's immune system attacks itself and causes problems. With Asthma, your body's inflammatory response is screwed up. The inflammatory response is a part of the immune system to prevent infection. For your asthma, the inflammatory response is causing the muscles in your throat to constrict, which causes wheezing. Pushing through exercise will not suppress or cure it. It may make your cardio and lungs better, since your body will "adapt" and get stronger. However, your exagerrated inflammatory response will remain and continue to constrict your airways no matter what.
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i heard that if you eat chicken it can boost it. but im not so sure. EDITED!!!! ooooh yeah and chili im sure of this one coz i read about it in the sunday telegraph today :)
Conner Originally Answered: Slow Metabolism is there a cure?
Free weights are key. Cardio is good but weights are more efficient at boosting your metabolism. When you lift weights your muscles tear and it takes a lot of energy to repair them. They will become stronger and will speed up fat burning. Also eat breakfast. That revs your metabolism for the day. I found a site that explains this better than I could and a site on weight training. http://www.canada.com/topics/lifestyle/s... http://weighttrainingadvice.com/ Best of luck.

Arn Arn
above is good, but one caveat. what is the cause of the autoimmune? That's what you want to figure. Its probably a food problem. Gluten can do this to me. Try gluten free for a month.
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Ula Ula
My brother at a younger age had asthma, not to mention was very thin looking. I remember as a child he was very picky of the types of foods he ate, which were very unhealthy and did not have much nutrition. His picky eating habits ended somewhere around 8 or 10. He eats rather healthy as an adult and thanks to the nutrition he eats he works out alot. As for me there was an injury to my chest I received while playing football in my teenage years. My sternum was crack and I did developed a breathing problem as a result. I never knew what a breathing problem was like before the injury. It is 15 years later I am currently watching what I eat, and am eating healthy and exercising. I no longer need an inhaler.
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Ula Originally Answered: Could my asthma just be a mental thing?
My sister was asthmatic for years, so maybe I can clarify some for you. How do you know you have asthma? Were you diagnosed by a doctor? If not, you can't be sure you have asthma. Asthma can NOT be "just a mental thing". It's a physical response to things around you that antagonize your body's immune system. While it is never "just" mental, your mental attitude CAN affect it... and your mental attitude CAN trigger an asthmatic attack. Go to a doctor when you're having what you believe is an asthmatic attack to get diagnosed. On the plane, you may have simply had panic attacks. If it was an asthmatic attack, you wouldn't have had "3 attacks"; you would have had one long asthmatic attack. G

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