So confused. Starving yourself makes you fat?

So confused. Starving yourself makes you fat? Topic: So confused. Starving yourself makes you fat?
June 19, 2019 / By Aidith
Question: Okay so I know starving yourself if bad and unhealthy and slows down your metabolism therefore making you gain more weight than usual when eating normal but starving yourself can't make you fat! Like I keep reading things saying it does but that's literally impossible unless you go from starving to eating normal right? I'm just confused cuz anorexics starve themselves and that's why thy are soooo skinny so why are people saying it makes you fat? If you eat less than you burn then you have to lose weight right?
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Toal Toal | 10 days ago
You're right about eating less than you burn you'll lose weight. But when you eat less you might find that you also burn less and if the drop in burning is more than the drop in eating then you can put on weight by eating less! Your body responds to how much you eat. The best way to speed up your metabolism is to over eat. The best way to slow it down is to under eat. Your body is a complex piece of machinery that will fight super hard not to starve to death. Try holding your breath - it doesn't take long until your body takes over from your brain and makes you breathe. The same is true for starving. Your body takes over to fix the situation. You can't just imagine that the body is a simple calories in calories out system. Your body will do all sorts of tricks to keep you alive. You may reduce your intake and still gain weight. Your body is that cunning when it comes to survivaal.
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Toal Originally Answered: I am confused?
To burn fat, you need to burn more calories than your intake. This is easily accomplished by going to bed on an empty stomach (don't eat after 7PM) and exercising for 30 minutes in the morning.

Randell Randell
You are correct, starving does not make you fat, it makes you waste away. What you're reading is probably just comments from dumb kids who don't know any better. If you literally starve and eat nothing for any amount of time you WILL lose weight -- that's a certainly of the laws of physics. It's unavoidable. Now, much of the mass you lose will be muscle and lean tissue ... you might lose more of that than fat! The reason is that your body needs to burn blood sugar for at least a good part of its energy needs, even if it is also burning fat stores. Parts of the body can only get energy from blood sugar, not fat. Normally blood sugar comes from the carbohydrates you eat, and to a less degree the protein (protein can be converted into sugar). If you eat nothing, then your body has no choice but to cannibalize your own lean tissue to get the protein to make into blood sugar. And your body does that all day long, 24 hours a day. You lose weight because both your remaining body fat and also your lean tissues are being broken down for energy (and the waste products of those chemical reactions are pissed and exhaled away, so you lose mass). What finally kills a starving person is that too much of some vital organ is damaged as the starving body raids its protein.
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Martial Martial
Of course you lose tons of weight starving yourself. Anorexics are so thin and frail because their body has used up all of its fat and some muscle to keep itself going. Sooner or later starving people must start eating again, because they will die early, whether from slow deterioration or a heart attack etc. So, when people go a long time without eating much to eating 2000+ a day, they gain a lot of weight at first but as long as they keep it around 2000 they'll eventually reach and stay at a healthy weight. That's why crash diets don't work, because when people come off of them they just gain all the weight back. The only good way to lose weight is to exercise a few times a week and eat well.
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Jeshua Jeshua
After a period of time of not eating right. Your body will eat its' own fat stores and then your muscle. That's why some anorexic's are so skinny,emaciated,and get compared to Holocaust survivors. They've been starving themselves so long that the body got desperate enough to eat itself.
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Glanville Glanville
It does make you fat because when you eat yes you put 2x the weight back on but it is do hard to lose it again in a healthy way even
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Glanville Originally Answered: How to recover from starving yourself?
I think I have a way for you to get out of this situation. Fat storage in the body is controlled by insulin. If you have a lot of insulin in your blood then you store fat. When you can drop the insulin levels then you can burn fat. Insulin gets released into the blood stream when you have high blood sugar. And you get high blood sugar when you eat carbs - sugar, but also bread, wheat, flour, pasta, rice, potatoes, etc. So don't eat carbs at all! That'll keep your insulin low and you'll burn fat. Now eat plenty of non-starchy vegetables - green beans, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cucumbers, lettuce, cauliflower, asparagus, carrots, kale, etc. These are packed with vitamins and have low calories. You need low calories now because of your slowed metabolism. The vitamins will tell your body that the starvation period is over and they will start speeding up your metabolism. So you should be eating platefuls of non-starchy vegetables and no carbs - do this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's very hard to consume too many calories if you're eating non-starchy vegetables. You need to also include a moderate amount of protein per day. 2 grams of protein per kilo of body weight per day. Also split this over three meals. Bacon is a good choice for breakfast. As your metabolism starts to improve you might find yourself getting hungry. That's the best sign that your metabolism is improving. When you feel hungry after your vegetables and protein do not start eating carbs. Instead eat some good fat - eggs, nuts, avocados, cheeses. If you can do this you'll continue to improve your metabolism without spiking your blood sugar. You lose the weight you need and you'll fix your metabolism. You'll feel a whole lot better. Good luck!

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