what would be the 6 most healthiest food in the world?

what would be the 6 most healthiest food in the world? Topic: what would be the 6 most healthiest food in the world?
July 18, 2019 / By Enosh
Question: Someone said that "Kim chi is also considered the 5th most healthiest food in the world" (Asian pickled cabbage). I think tofu would be one and sea weed and I am wandering what other foods would be considered the best food to eat
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Colby Colby | 7 days ago
The healthiest foods would have to be the ones with the most antioxidants/benefits for the body. The green and white teas, dark leafy green vegetables, dark fruits (blueberries, pomegranate, etc), onions and garlic, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, cabbage, etc), and add in spices like turmeric, cumin etc. The spices like turmeric have been shown to help reduce or stop brain degenerative disorders. other spice like cumin, fennel, etc aid in digestion. And of course we can't forget good ol' H2O. I figure any cuisine in the world would be healthy as long as it had a combination of these items.
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Colby Originally Answered: What are the healthiest foods to eat in the whole world ?
Living to be 100+ is probably more related to a persons genetic makeup than what they mainly eat. I imagine that the people who have lived that long didn't know they would and didn't plan their diet accordingly. If it were that easy there would be many more people eating in a healthier way. Sorry, but I can only tell you what some of the healthiest foods I enjoy are---eggs, oatmeal (complex carbohydrate), beans (prepared from dried), I'm not a vegetarian but I don't eat meat (this includes fish), tho if I did it would be salmon (USA west coast & Alaska caught only), prob chicken & pork. I'm not an organic fanatic but if I went back to meat I'd eat as close to organic as I could get. I have always loved veggies and fruit. I cook w olive oil, I love ice cream and butter. I don't plan on living to 100 (or even close) but I know that eating a variety of healthy whole foods is a good way to try & keep healthy your whole life. Living to 100 or older is in large part genes & after you get good genes fr your parents it's how you live your life including but certainly not limited to diet.

Apollyon Apollyon
I consider sushi to be very healthy. If you eat the type with the raw fish, you're getting pure unadultered protein, lots of vitamins from the nori (seaweed) and veggies, and the rice is a source of fibre. Aside from the good omega fats in the fish, sushi is practically fat free. California (and other) rolls are usually sprinkled in sesame seeds, another source of fibre and omega fats. Of course, they're are types of sushi that contain fried items (tempura shrimp rolls, for example) which should probably be avoided. Rolls containing nothing but veggies are also on many sushi menus
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Tria Tria
Mediterranian food: lots of fresh vegetables/fruits, fish, best olive oil and a real good glass of red wine! Also the Thai kitchen is fine because they use similar ingredients,short cooking in order not to loose precious vitamins etc. but of course it tastes different.
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Salina Salina
1) apple / figs / strawberries / grapes / blueberries - fruits 2) oatmeal (fibre) / wild rice / brown rice (starch, carbohydrates) 3) walnuts / almonds - nuts (Vitamin E / Omega 3) 4) Green Vegetables & carrots & corns (Vitamin C or A) 5) fish (from non-polluted area) (protein/ Omega 3/ Vitamins & other Minerals) 6) herbs & spices (fresh or dried) We need a balance diet to maintain our health!
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Nicola Nicola
i read that bananas help to level out your blood pressure to normal. spinach, brocolli, daikon, salmon, carrots. i can't see how kim chi would be considered that. since it's pickled, but the spice would bring up your endorphines, help your immune system.
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Lyndsey Lyndsey
Thai Food,sure..cause most of kinds made from low calorie ingredients and no butter and no cheese. It's very good for your health.
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Lyndsey Originally Answered: What are, objectively, the healthiest foods in the world?
sweet potato is THE healthiest, ranked by CSPI. Go here: http://www.foodreference.com/html/sweet-... Other power players: any berries (blue,rasp, cran), avocados, apricots, citrus fruits, onion (flavonoids),broccoli, spinach, any squash, arugula, quiona, lentils, peanuts. For meats: moose or caribou or ostrich (as opposed to beef), salmon, shellfish.

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