Pants for Slim Tall Girls?

Pants for Slim Tall Girls? Topic: Pants for Slim Tall Girls?
June 27, 2019 / By Elweard
Question: Okay, I always have trouble finding jeans that fit, and it's getting ridiclious (sp?). Pants that fit me length wise have an inseam from around 34-35 in., and the place I wear my pants has a diameter of 30.5-32 in. If anyone has measurements similar to mine, and could tell me where they get their pants, I will love you forever, and give you as many points as I can. Thanx!
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Clement Clement | 10 days ago
I have the same inseam as you!! For years, a lot of girls made fun of me for "not wearing jeans." I gave up trying to find jeans because I was so frusterated and cry over them being to short.. or too wide... or both.. So I found places such as express (for a business/classy look) I prefer the editor cut. ****Express has amazing skinny jeans as well (they are my favorite) the brand is X2 The Limited is my favorite, very much like express... I am only 18 but I shop there because I like to be classy instead of wearing overpriced abercrombie clothes that don't ever fit right. My favorite place for jeans is "The Buckle" Hope you have these places around you!! Good luck Also my friend who has a 24 inch waist and is 5'8" shops at all these and ALSO orders pants from Victoria's Secret (but I like trying on my clothes first since I am very picky)
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Clement Originally Answered: Do these slim pants look bad on me?
They look great on you, it's very "in" skinny jeans this season and they're not going anywhere anytime soon, and jeans like the ones you're wearing that more loose but still less baggy than usual. those make your legs very straight and slim, so I think they make you look great.

Amran Amran
Sucks, but you'll probably have to spend more on jeans. But, it'll be worth it. The longes pair i have a rock and republic. I've looked everywhere, they are the longest. Paige are pretty long, and some citizens are long. Frankie B are long as well. You can go to Buckle and get some really long Lucky jeans if you're not looking to spend more than $100. Good luck! I would suggest buying jeans at Nordstroms and then wash and dry them and if they shrink too much, just bring them back. Rocks don't shrink that much, but paige and citizens do.
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Topaz Topaz
i'm not sure how females sizes translate into women folk's sizes, yet purely take her to the juniors area and initiate around a length 2 or 4. My stepsister replaced right into a sixteen females and he or she suits right into some length 6 in person sizes, or 5 in juniors. yet manufacturers have this way of variance in sizes it somewhat is too complicated to assert. in case you may degree her waist length, subtract 20 from it and you have her approximate person length in outfits.
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Ruth Ruth
well, delia's is a great store- it has tons of inseams and i'm actually wearing a pair of their jeans now! check it out!
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Ruth Originally Answered: how long are size 0 slim hollister pants?
ive never tried the kahkis but i do own a pair of hollister oceanside skinnies in size 0. im really thin too so i have problems with jeans/pants fitting in my butt area. im like 5'1/5'2 and the jeans are long enough for me that theres like an extra 2-3 inches. i also own a pair of hollister cali flair jeans in size 0 and they fit very nice, they are 3 inches longer. but i like long jeans so i dont mind. i would assume the khaki ones are similar to the jean length but ive never tried them so i cant give you a 100% sure answer. otherwise i would try american eagle, you can even go online and order size 00 in pants: http://www.ae.com/web/browse/product.jsp?catId=cat90034&productId=1325_2603 you can get them in size 00-18, in 4 different lengths ranging from short, regular, long, to extra long. same with delias if you have one near you: http://store.delias.com/item.do?itemID=52465&categoryID=428&sizeFilter=&colorFilter=&brandFilter= you can get these from size 00-19 with the inseams (from the crotch to the hem length) of 28,30,32,34, or 35 inches. hope this helps! :D

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