Should it be illegal for women to eat junk food while pregnant?

Should it be illegal for women to eat junk food while pregnant? Topic: Should it be illegal for women to eat junk food while pregnant?
July 18, 2019 / By Elrond
Question: I say YES Should it be illegal for women to eat junk food while pregnant? We all know that junk food provides inadequate nutrition for adults and growing babies and leads to obesity and other health problems - so should women be banned from eating junk food while pregnant? In fact if I had my way I would ban junk food enterily; it's not good for you; we need ahealthier generation. luvmycats - i am an athesit; and yes I do sleep aroud.
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Clark Clark | 4 days ago
A liberal hippie would not say that. That's worse than outlawing abortion. I mean, yes the people that eat junk food all the time are wastes of space, and no maybe they aren't doing their babies right, but ton of people do that already, with hard drugs and nicotine. What's the difference? If we give them the power to take away junk food, the will easily take away abortion, marijuana use, watching certain channels of television.. the list goes on and on. It's the road to communism. I hate television and obese people. But if we think the solution is saying to someone, "No, you're not allowed to do this" that is taking away their freedom. We should find another way to fix things. Educate people. Give them reasons NOT to eat junk food. If once they're educated they continue that lifestyle, shun them. Maybe if they're social outcasts they will change their tune. It happens with alot of obese people. Smoking cigarettes is horrible for you, but people do it anyway.. some people do it they're pregnant. Same thing with junk food. Criminalize it, but don't make it illegal. EDIT: Being a green "freak" isn't wrong, and if she is one more power to her! I definitely run an environment friendly home, and for your information, I do use toilet paper. I'm not saying the concept of not eating junk food is bad, it's just a kind of discrimination against pregnant women. Now, what you're talking about banning it altogether, that isn't discrimination, it's just like back to the cigarettes and alcohol. People are free to harm their own bodies, and should be. I like my septum ring but it would be illegal if we went down the road of "anything that poses any kind of health risk should be made illegal". I am a vegetarian and some people think that I'm harming MY child. Whatever we do with our bodies is our own personal decision, and we have to reap the consequences if we make the wrong one. Some vegetarian moms don't take protein supplements. I do. Does that mean that being a vegetarian while you're pregnant should be illegal? No. As for the person below me, actually, you should know that eating too much junk food while your pregnant DOES have negative health affects on your child. But in those cases we are talking about obese mothers who have weak babies who are born with clogged arteries and inadequate metabolic rates because their mothers ate so much grease. I do marijuana occasionally, and I am 18 weeks pregnant. But guess what? I have discussed it with my doctor. Who by the way said that the pregnancy safe migraine medicine I was taking was worse for me than smoking half a joint a day. I do not smoke cigarettes, I don't drink alcohol. I exercise daily. She has a point about the junk food.. just.. there is so much here that is unaddressed. Things shouldn't be outlawed because SOME people abuse them. That's my point. Some people know how to eat junk food responsibly; as in, maybe one bag of chips every once in a while. One diet soda every once in awhile. One sugar free candy every once in awhile. It being ILLEGAL is too much.
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Clark Originally Answered: If I eat to much junk food while pregnant.?
Eating junk food will probably not cause a premature baby. The baby will get all the nutrition he needs despite what you eat. This means that your body will "steal" from your body's reserves to provide proper nutrition for your baby. For example, your bones will release calcium to provide for your baby. Your muscles will decrease because protein is being "stolen" to provide for your baby. In the end you will be the one to pay and not your baby.

Ammihud Ammihud
I would be in jail right now. I try to be health conscious, but when I am pregnant, I have craving (which at times is for junk food.) Good Luck with that!
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Tirzah Tirzah
All things in moderation. I agree that there is way too much junk on the market, that being said if I am craving a potato chip I am going to have one, or a few. It is not like it is all I eat.
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Rozanne Rozanne
It's up to each person what they eat. I will generally eat healthy, but what's wrong with a little junk food once every fortnight as a treat?
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Nehushta Nehushta
How about we ban pregnant mothers from drinking and smoking and doing drugs??? Then worry about the junk food.
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Nehushta Originally Answered: Are there any pregnant women or mothers out there who did this?
Don't worry the laxatives the doctors suggested won't hurt the baby but there are better Natural ways to go. Try prune juice, fiber cereals or just eat a few prunes everyday. I am 38 weeks and that is what I have done through my pregnancy they seem to work much better! Plus you get all the good nutrients too!

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