If i HAD to eat at a fast food resturant, which item on the menu would be the healthiest, safest choice?

If i HAD to eat at a fast food resturant, which item on the menu would be the healthiest, safest choice? Topic: If i HAD to eat at a fast food resturant, which item on the menu would be the healthiest, safest choice?
October 23, 2019 / By Elrod
Question: My family eat there, but iam trying to be very healthy, but if i had to pick off the menu, what could i order? ( plus i dont eat meat or fish )
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Best Answers: If i HAD to eat at a fast food resturant, which item on the menu would be the healthiest, safest choice?

Clarence Clarence | 3 days ago
Of course salads but besides that, my personal favorites: (i was losing 30 pounds, but occasionally had one of these if I HAD to eat out) Taco Bell- bean burrito or pintos & cheese or soft taco McDonalds- hamburger Also check this out. Nutrition and calories for most fast food places: http://www.fastfoodnutrition.org/
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Clarence Originally Answered: At your location, wat (relatively popular) fast-food outlet serves healthy, wholesome food and wat is the menu
properly i could say discover ways to cook dinner some thing you like and luxuriate in to consume. Like case in point i like to consume pasta and correctly i found a thank you to make it by ability of analyzing the classes on the field and it became straightforward and with already made tomato topping in a form jar. that i will warmth up I certainly have a stable meal. yet another concern you may do is probably pass out to a cafe and consume there. no longer a quickly food on tho. you additionally can ask some pals in the event that they be attentive to a thank you to make something like pasta or mac and cheese. i be attentive to this can be the dumbest theory yet pass take a cooking type. a straightforward one or what ever point of cooking you want. So yeah the two locate some thing a the keep you are able to certainly make yet isn't quickly food or ask somebody for some recommendations or in case you rather rather need to take a form. properly wish THIS facilitates> :)

Amminadab Amminadab
have chicken- but ask for no sauce (sauces are SO fatty) or salad but no dressing! or a veggie burger
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Tiphanie Tiphanie
Typically I don't eat terribly unhealthy things at fast food places. Some of my top "fast food" spots are sandwhich places like Subway, Monty's, or Panera. Usually when I eat at McDonalds or Wendy's it's some kind of chicken sandwhich which isn't as bad as a hamburger, although sometimes I do enjoy Wendy's heartclogger double beef pattie burgers. Other common spots include pizza places (Domino's thin crust, Villas, Lucas), Long John Silvers, occasionally TGI Fridays. I'm not exactly out to be health conscious, although I know that I will feel better after eating something from say Panera than a big greasy hamburger. The odd thing is that I'm still pretty overweight. :(
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Roz Roz
I am a vegetarian and sometimes get stuck eating fast food. McDonalds - Order the fajitas, ask for no chicken and extra veggies. They are very healthy and tasty! :) Don't be fooled by their fries - they have beef seasoning in them. Also, most of their salads (even with no meat) have high fat dressing. A&W - has a veggie burger that isn't too bad. Wendy's - Baked potato w/broccoli & cheddar, or sour cream & chives. I have that with a side salad & bottled water. It's surprisingly satisfying! Subway - veggie sandwich or salads. Good Luck :)
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Natisha Natisha
Most have a salad or even a choice of salads. Most people don't know this but you can get a grilled cheese sandwich (just the bun and cheese) or a veggie sandwich (bun, lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheese) plus there is soups like Cream of Broccoli.
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Natisha Originally Answered: I have a ? about an food item?
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