Any good ways to gain weight?

Any good ways to gain weight? Topic: Any good ways to gain weight?
October 19, 2019 / By Elric
Question: I am 5'9 110 lbs. I think I eat a lot of food and still can't gain weight. My weight gain is slow. Last year my weight was 108, so I gained 2 lbs in one year. How can I gain it faster?
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Clare Clare | 2 days ago
Okay I have your problem, and here is some serious answers that I have researched/been told. First of all, still eat healthy, dont stuff yourself silly, and do excercise. Eat higher calorie fruits and veggies (bananas, carrots, apples basically any fruit and veggie that is not watery. protein! Eat lean meat, eat peanutbutter, ask your doctor about taking some protein powder, my doc prescribed me some to take, and it actually doesn't taste to bad. Eat healthy high calorie foods like nuts, legumes, wheat crackers. Never be plain. Top your toast with maregines made with healthy fats, peanut butter, jelly. add cheese to your scrambled eggs. This will add calories without filling you up. Cook with healthy olive oil and sprinkle it on your saled, add eggs, crackers and other filling stuff to your salads. fill omelets with cheese and veggies. Order creamy soups. Swich to whole grains, there healthier and more calorie dense. Eat complex carbohydrates, not loads of sugar. Eat 3 meals and at least 3 snacks. here are some healthy high calorie snack ideas. 1. plain full fat yogurt and frozen berries blended together and some peanuts mixed, makes a great dip. 2. Cheesy garlic bread made with whole wheat bread. 3.peanut butter on toast with bananas washed down with full fat milk. 4.whole wheat blueberry muffins, or pancakes 5. Pasta! 6. homemade pizza. Now, If you wanna gain weight but still be healthy do weight training and resistance excercises. Remember if you wanna loose weight you need to do a lot of cardio and some weight training. If you wanna GAIN weight you need to do a lot of weight training and a LITTLE cardio Do crunches, and buy hand and ankle weights, and use them. And jump rope too, or swim.remember muscle ways more than fat!
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Clare Originally Answered: What are good healthy ways or foods to gain weight?
Learn to relax and enjoy your food. Eat enough to cover your basic need... http://caloriecount.about.com/cc/calorie... Read the link below with ideas for healthy food to help weight gain.

Ammiel Ammiel
Most likely you can't. It's most likely a case of high-motabolism. Im 5'4" and only weight 100, and never can pass it. Sometimes Im about 90-95 pounds if Im sick. It's really all just your motabolism, and you can't really do anything about it. I worked at MCD for 2 years, ate it like crazy and never gained a pound. Especially eating several times a day will increase your motabolism. Also age is a factor. Im only 18, but I also do come from a slim family, and in some cases some people will eventually start gaining weight as they get older, cause their motabolism starts to slow down
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Tina Tina
In weight gain there are two types. 1)To get mass 2)To make your body shape. Depending upon the two categories you have to do work out. Eat 3-4 green bananas a day. Protein is very important for gaining weight.You have eat lot of soya beans.Its very good for your health. Drink milk a lot.Do not do over excercise.
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Royse Royse
One of the best ways to gain weight is to drink a slim fast after your regular meal, and bulk up on carbs.
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Natille Natille
try to check out this site called bodyforlife.com plus use the drink called myoplex and carry weights.
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Natille Originally Answered: What are some ways you can gain weight?
Well, you don't necessary have to pig out. This isn't the most healthy way to go about gaining wait. But if you really wanted to add a few pounds then pigging out may not work but eating foods that are high in fat content such as chips, pizza, etc. may work. If you're a vegetarian fast food is still fine. Taco bell makes their tacos and such without the beef or meat if you just ask them to. Taco bell food is high in fat content. You also might want to try midnight snacking. That usually works since your metabolism slows down while you're sleeping and you'd end up gaining a bit from doing that. Remember, pigging out won't help because it needs to be more gradual. Focus on a high fat diet for at least a week or two and you'll start to see results. And this is a warning but once you gain a lot of weight it's incredibly hard to lose it. Be sure that this is what you want. And if you overdo this you may become overweight, which is a lot worse than being skinny. Best of luck to you. I hope I helped.

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