Dog scared of new water bowl?

Dog scared of new water bowl? Topic: Dog scared of new water bowl?
June 18, 2019 / By Ellery
Question: I bought my pup a new bigger water bowl as he is growing fast and he is scared of it! It is stainless steel like his old water bowl and his food bowl so i dont understand.... He drinks just fine out of the old water bowl but if i bring him near the new one he freaks! It seems to be the sound that scares him (the other bowl has rubber on the bottom) he will drink out of it gingerly and afriad and i feel he avoids drinking this way. He barks and growls at it,runs from it and wont even take food from it! ( ok he did but my hand was in there it took him forever to and he had his tail between his legs and was jumpy) i think his rabies tag hitting it scares him. Even my older dog is abit scared...what do i do? I tried petting him with it and he froze and shook in fear.
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Chris Chris | 4 days ago
Sounds like you are doing the right thing, by placing your hand in the bowl you are showing your dog it is okay, nothing will hurt you. This is something that you will have to continue to work on. Another suggestion, placethe bowl in the animals crate/kennel durring the day and let them get use to it. It can be empty, you just want them to get fimiliar with it! You can also take the bowl and place a smuge of peanut butter in the center of the bowl or all around the thing. Then place the bowl with the dog. See if he licks the peanut butter. Try a treat in the bowl for the dog and walk away from him to allow him to discover by himself.
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Ambie Ambie
We have a stainless steel water bowl (large) that two dogs drink out of. We kind of had a similar problem. Empty out the water bowl, place a treat about a foot from it, and other 6 inches and another an inch away. As soon as the dog starts getting used to the treat and it being 6 inches away, put one in the bowl, do this a number of times and the dog will get comfortable. Then slowly fill it up with water again. Also, you may want to put the food bowl next to it as well. It just takes time. Best wishes.
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Tiffiny Tiffiny
She's almost certainly reacting to her own reflection. Dogs don't recognize their own reflection and even though border collies are a very intelligent breed, she probably thinks there is another dog in her water bowl. Try moving her bowls to an area which is in the shade to keep the reflections to a minimum. You could perhaps try another bowl, a ceramic type bowl would be best, and, if you can, try to find one that is dark in colour and preferably with a matt finish, again to minimize reflections.
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Rowena Rowena
Awww haha i think he's just scared of water. Since you say the bowl is big.. He probably feels like he's gunna fall in :p
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