Guarding his food bowl?

Guarding his food bowl? Topic: Guarding his food bowl?
July 18, 2019 / By Ella
Question: My german shepard is fine w/ my husband or myself messing w/ her food bowl but if one of the kids even come close to it she flips out. She is a yr old can this habit still be broken. We've had her since she was born and she's always been around the kids and is great w/ them it's just her bowl she snaps at them for.
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Chip Chip | 3 days ago
Please dont let the kids feed the dog. That sounds like crazy advice if you ask me. Bring a trainer in to work with the dog and make sure the kids are there and participating. I have a mastiff who is 160 lbs now and I have to work with my nine year old each day in handling him. If I leave the two of them with a leash and ask my son to walk him, my dog gives him a run for his money almost every time. Only when I am right there to supervise does he heel and behave. Alone, I think he sees it as an opportunity to get above him in the family pack. When my kid jumped up in bed with us the other day to tickle, the dog threw a tantrum because HE is not allowed on the bed. He whined and barked like a little girl. He doesnt like my son Luc to walk ahead of us either although he doesnt do anything super obvious expect make heeling more difficult. All of that being said, he is one of the best behaved dogs I know. But he is 15 months old and has grown 100 lbs in one year and finding his way. We are on top of it and you just have to be when kids are involved. A trainer can advise you as to how to implement some exercises into your day that will rework things with the dog and teach the kids how to show more status to him. It is so worth it and you might need to do this once more before he is adult and settled. It is just part of owning a big dog and having kids. Good luck to you!
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Chip Originally Answered: Guinea Pigs and their food/food bowl?
get them a raised feeder bowl, and put some of the cage chips in their old food bowl. they may want to keep the cage clean for you! Also, mixing hamster food shouldn't be a problem. Remember to give your piggies all kinds of fruits and veggies, not just oranges. They LOVEEE carrots!

Amasai Amasai
Either don't allow the kids near when she is eating or most likely you'll have to consult a professional for answers on your specific dog. It is very dangerous. Our puppy had food aggression which we were able to train out of. He is very good now, so I believe you can retrain a 1 year old dog. But I would consult a professional for techniques. If she were food aggressive with adults, I would give you suggestions, but it's dangerous territory when you are dealing with kids. ADD: someone else wrote that you should allow your kids to feed the dog, but I would highly discourage that before a professional meets your dog. it could be a very dangerous situation.
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Tiffany Tiffany
She sees the kids as lesser pack members. If they are very young have them stay away from her bowl. As they get older there are exercises you can do to put them in more of a leadership role, such as walking her, having her sit on their command, and eventually giving her food dish. Do some research and consult a professional if you are able.
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Rowanne Rowanne
They are not saying to let your kids feed him by hand. Just have them put food in his bowl while he is watching and walk away. That should at least start the healing process.
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Nana Nana
Here's some tips for you to try if it's not too late. If your dog has been doing this for awhile you will need to call a professional trainer to help this situation. Good Luck
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Nana Originally Answered: Why does a dog scoot their food bowl around before eating the food?
If you are using stainless steel bowls, you can get the ones that have the rubber 'ribbing' around the bottom, which would prohibit the dog from moving the dish around. You can also get size-appropriate stands for the bowls.

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