Are men who like fat women going "against human nature"?

Are men who like fat women going "against human nature"? Topic: Are men who like fat women going "against human nature"?
May 27, 2019 / By Eliud
Question: or evolution? It supposedly goes that men are attracted to healthy fit women because they look like they're able to produce healthy children. Do men that like fat women have some mutation in their genes, or is it something about themselves that makes them attracted to big girls? Maybe it's evolution in the process because there are so many fat people nowadays? No disrespect meant! Ohhh, I see. Okay. Thanks guys! I'm being stereotypical? How about the fact that you just said the reason why fat women are fat is doughnuts and a couch-potato lifestyle. That's as stereotypical as one could get. There are many factors to being overweight. "defending fat women" Whoever said that I was choosing sides? It was just a QUESTION. I wasn't questioning men's mentality. I was questioning their genes. You gave me the mentality, I wasn't asking for it. p.s. I AM fat!
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Chet Chet | 10 days ago
No. They're not. Its human nature to have your own taste and preference... not everyone is attracted to the same type of people. Beleive it or not, there is no objective definition of feminine sex appeal. Does that insult you? It does most women... to tug the rug out from under them... undermine their entire view of male-predictability... forcing them to question their own belief that they can meet what it takes to "be sexy". Most women want to believe there is a single explicit definition of sex appeal... it gives them something to work toward, justifies their lack of self-esteem, and above all strokes their ego when they believe they meet the standard. If men have different tastes in women, women have no reason to try, no reason to sexually objectify themselves any more... and certainly no standard to meet... how then can they have self-confidence? Are all women attracted to the same type of guy? I recommend not being so stereotypical and sexist... What makes you think that being fat as a horse isnt more naturally healthy and a better indication of reproductive ability? What you think of as the standard now is jsut a social construct. What makes fat women nowadays unhealthy isnt the fact that they are fat... but why they are.... the doughnut-based glutenous diet, and the slovenly couch-potato lifestyles... that is why they are unhealthy and unattractive... not the mere fact that they have a thorough supply of burnable food storage. Evolutionarily speaking, fatter women have always been regarded as more attractive... they burn less energy for the same work (efficient), and store more for winter like a good squirrel... perfect. As society evolved and the needs have changed, particularly in this post-renaissance industrial age, there was less and less need for fat storage. Those women who were fat ended up being tooo fat, and for unhealthy reasons... and above all the excess weight itself proved to be the greater disadvantage in the long run. But again, its a social construct, not a universal truth and certainly not a biological fact... So what is male opinion driven by? Im sure a combination of social and biological factors, and without consistency. ==== I never said that my statement wasnt stereotypical... but did I make my point? Why are you defending fat women now when you originally questioned the mentality of the men who like them? ==== I asked a question a while back on why "its okay for men to like breasts, but not okay for men to like feet". It was a question about sexual quirks... and societies acceptance of some of them as standard, expected, and natural... while society rejects others offhand as gross perversions. I believe the BA (voted) on that question was something to the effect of "feet and such are not sexual objects to begin with, while breasts are". Anyway... to combine that question with yours... fat isnt a sexual object either, so why should sex appeal be based off of it? Why is it okay for men to like thin women and not fat women? Why is it okay for men to *not like* fat women, but not okay for men to like feet? Or any other combination you can think of. Of all the things men like and men dont like (stereotypically), why is it such a shock to find variation? Why is it so insulting and why should it be so "wrong". I think I already answered that in my first paragraph.
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Alyster Alyster
That's just not true,in Neolithic times big women were considered as the best child bearers and so were more desirable,good child baring hips you see.
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Tibby Tibby
The two are unrelated. Evolution is one thing, and taste is another thing. Men have their own tastes, and women have their own tastes. It is as simple as that. If everyone had the same taste, it would be boring, so I think.
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Roslyn Roslyn
Ive never heard for a gene that codes for like or dislike towards fat people. The mechanism by which somebody chooses a mate may be of many different factors coming together. However, there is definitely an innate preference for a specific body type that has arisen from evolution. For example, studies have shown that a very specific hip to waist ratio is more attractive to men than all other ratios, but this isnt set in stone. That being said a woman who is fat, but with certain proportions, might be more attractive than another woman with other proportions, or one who is even skinner.
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Nadia Nadia
wow, that really got me thinking(: I think that male genes are all different. Some men may have a gene where they like the extra meat, and some men might prefer a slimmer figure. These genes are passed down. For example, on Oprah I saw that in Mauritania, men love bigger women. Skinny woman are considered disgusting, in a sense. If these men moved to America, they'd like the same type of girl, and that would influence their children into it (i'm guessing). Now, if an American moved to Mauritania, he'd most likely seek out a slimmer woman. Human nature is all about genes and influence. It's the decsisions made around you that shape you. It's not human nature to prefer slimmer woman. I hope I answered your question right... I might've gone a little off topic :/
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Loren Loren
Men have been attracted to Rubenesque women throughout human history. The ancient Greeks and the moderns (late 20th century) are the only exceptions. What they share in common is an extraordinarily high standard of living (the Greeks for example had 100 slaves to every man woman and child who were citizens) Finding anorexic women appealing is just an upper middle class phenomenon. Once the middle class vanishes (FOREVER?) the interest in gaunt women will fade away. And Greek art will look funny again.
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Kate Kate
Well there is more to attraction than mere bodyweight. Whether we decide to be with someone depends on: 1) their kindness; a giving personality is better able to raise offsprings 2) facial features; females with bigger eyes and rounder faces have more estrogen 3) fat women have energy reserves, and thus have enough nutrients not to compromise the baby's development 4) Fat women signify living in an abundance of food. So if a person has abundance of food, they would probably make good providers for the offsprings. 5) lastly, status. Whether you're fat or skinny, status means you are worthy in the community, and thus have certain power. Power usually means your offsprings will have privileges and higher chance of survival.
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Heather Heather
What you like or any other person likes depends on you or there taste. For example, in Africa the men like the bigger woman because they are believed to be more fertile which means better babies for them. That could be why (stereotypically speaking) African Americans present day like the girls that have a lot more to offer than most. Who knows? There is never really one answer for this type of thing because everyone has there own opinions :-) Hope that helped :-O -Momo~*
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Dory Dory
I don't know anymore. God will deal with it. In the Genesis, God define His ' biblical marriage is to procreate and inhabit the earth' and live with God's law and use God- given earth's resources. Then comes men's law: it twisted & severely handicapped God's commandment to be inoperable. Think of the Israelites dancing & rocking at the foot of Mt Sinai and worshiping a golden calf, while Moses has been away for only 40 days!! What a bunch of stiff-necked people that are not worth of God's promises and you know what happened: That's what this perverse generation will end up to. Exodus 25 When Moses realized that, to the scornful joy of their foes, Aaron had let the people run wild, 26 he stood at the gate of the camp and cried, "Whoever is for the LORD, let him come to me!" All the Levites then rallied to him, 27 and he told them, "Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel: Put your sword on your hip, every one of you! Now go up and down the camp, from gate to gate, and slay your own kinsmen, your friends and neighbors!" 28 The Levites carried out the command of Moses, and that day there fell about three thousand of the people.
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