What's the difference between regular and organic milk?

What's the difference between regular and organic milk? Topic: What's the difference between regular and organic milk?
October 19, 2019 / By Elishua
Question: I know about the no pesticides and hormones stuff, what I really want to know is why does organic milk have a 6 month shelf life and doesn't have to be refridgerated? That just seems unnatural to me!
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Chester Chester | 9 days ago
You've brought up 2 seperate issues- the first one is that organic milk is, as you said, from cows that are never given growth hormones that would make them produce milk 24/7. Some people say these hormones are harmless, while others contend that the excessive consumption of cow hormones can cause everything from breast cancer to premature puberty in girls. I honestly don't know about that, but I have read that hormones can cause cows to secrete pus (eeewwww!). Whether you believe these stories or not is your call- it's never been proven that organic milk is better for you, but it's also never been proven that it's not. As for staying fresh that long, that's not an aspect of the milk itself but one of the attributes of its packaging. Those strange, unrefridgerated boxes that you sometimes see organic and soy milk in are what keeps it fresh. The milk inside would spoil just like any milk if it were in a regular carton. The packaging is specially designed to be air-tight and more products are being housed in it. I'm currently paying my way through school as a supermarket cashier and have encountered everything from beef broth to wine in those same boxy packages. In a way, they're like the tin cans of the new millenium. You can still buy beef broth and condensed milk in tin cans that keep the product fresh until it's opened, when it starts to spoil like anything else. Organic milk in one of those boxes starts to spoil after opening too. Hope that helps!
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Chester Originally Answered: Can I replace evaporated milk with regular milk in this recipe?
No, you can't substitute the evaporated milk with regular milk. Evaporated milk is regular milk with the water removed ("evaporated") from it. (Ever notice on the can that you can add equal parts of water to evaporated milk to make "regular" milk?) An "easier" recipe for fudge is: 1 can sweetened condensed milk 1 (12 ounce) package chocolate chips 1 teaspoon vanilla Nuts (optional) Combine the sweetened condensed milk with the chips and melt in a double boiler until the chips are melted. Add vanilla and nuts. Pour into a buttered 8-inch square pan. Let cool and cut into squares.

Alysdare Alysdare
Like everyone said it has to do with antibiotics and hormones they are given/not given. as far as how they are treated i guess you mean humanely? i don't think there is much of a difference. smaller dairy farms are usually better than the factory farms in terms of how the cows are treated. Maybe go for soy milk instead. no cows mistreated there :) and it's not bad either. it may take a while for you to get used to but it is pretty good
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Tiara Tiara
You probably purchased it in an aseptic package. They can package pretty much anything that way...BUT....you have to refrigerate it after opening. And write the date you opened it because it will only be good for about a week after that. When you're poor and you get "commodities" from the government, they give you regular milk in an aseptic package.
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Rosie Rosie
The selection you made was probably "ultra" pasteurized. It extends the shelf life by quite a bit, but removes some of the benefits of milk. You can find organic milk with normal pasteurization.
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Myrtle Myrtle
Organic milk is produced without synthetic chemicals, hormones or antibiotics. Hormones are powerful. Even trace amounts can cause dramatic changes in living beings. When you choose organic milk, you know that added synthetic hormones are not stimulating the cows' milk production."Agricultural pesticides are now widespread. They can even be measured in raindrops falling from the sky, fog rolling over the hills, 'fresh' snow, and in water we drink. Organic agriculture reduces pesticide exposure because it comes from organic cows that are fed food grown without chemical pesticides.""Unlike factory cows, organic cows must have access to open air. Organic cows from some dairy farms are allowed to graze freely in organic pasture when it is in season. This kind of farming is kind to animals, supportive of wildlife, healthy for rural communities, respectful of our air, water and soil, and healthy for children."
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Lorelle Lorelle
The organic milk i buy it last 1 month and has to be refrigerated. Can you be more specific about the milk you buy?
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Lorelle Originally Answered: is bananas cut into pieces and put into regular(boiled) milk in a bowl a good and healthy breakfast?
Yeah its healthy, but depends on what you compare that to. Eat that with a piece of toast, whole wheat bread, or something cus breakfast is a very important meal and should be fairly good amount, even when trying to lose weight. Jus keep up w/ exercise and it should speed up your metabolism

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