October 23, 2019 / By Eliphalet
Question: ASDFGHJKL; I feel like eating junk food a lot. I've been eating bad food a lot lately. JUST SO GOOD! sometimes i think "I dont care if i get fat, this tastes freaking good!" and i dont know if its just me, but i feel like eating pizza after taking a cool shower. Or a burger. or anything that's cheesy. I love cheese. and i always drink juice, and i eat like SO MUCH sweets everyday. like i eat chocolate, cookies, candies everyday. i know im getting really unhealthy, but i just.....ugh. food is so good. *cries* i wish i could eat any food i want without getting unhealthy TT_TT I dont know what to do, how do i control my cravings?
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Chaz Chaz | 5 days ago
I love all that stuff too, but I'm lucky enough to have a fast metabolism. Try distracting yourself with an activity. A lot of people eat when they are bored. I had a really busy week once in college where I forgot to eat a lot because I was so busy. I lost 10 pounds in one week. Every time you crave sweets and such, you think you don't care because it tastes so good, but just remember how mad you will be at yourself later. Food tastes good for ten minutes, whereas you have to deal with your body all the time.
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Chaz Originally Answered: I sometimes starve myself because I feel I dont deserve food?
First off, the person that you were 10 minutes ago is not the person that you are now. You are a changing, evolving human being. If you felt you were a "lazy fat piece of **** " before, there is no reason for you to feel you are now, or that you will be in the future. We all change. That is why we live. Second, starving yourself should not be an option. You require nutrition. Without it you will die. Your body cannot function soley off stored fatty tissue. It requires an assortment of various other substances to function, repair damage, maintain energy. If you starve it of these things it cannot help you get to where you need to be. Since money is tight for you at the moment, i suggest contacting a local food shelter. Many can be a great resource for learning about nutrition requirements and lower-cost foods that your body needs. Third, it is comendable that you want to help your family, especially with the situation as dire as it is, but have you thought about the aftermath? How will these young children feel about themselves later if they learn you endangered (or even lost) your own life to save theirs? You are part of a family, and that means taking care of EVERYONE, including yourself. There are other ways you can contribute if work is hard to find. Learn to use coupons and help your family determine a "food budget". Explore low cost eating alternatives and recipes that can strech those dollars even farther. Ask "What can I do to help you?" and be willing to do it. Last, you deffinatly need to bring this up with your counselor, maybe even your pharmacist if you are on medication. These feelings could be a side effect. Don't give up hope. Times like these can bring out the true character in people. You sound like you want to get through this. Be smart, be safe and be strong and the odds are in your favor that you will.
Chaz Originally Answered: I sometimes starve myself because I feel I dont deserve food?
Mr. or Mrs. Zombie Attack, I work for an organization where people in recovery from negative behaviors come to learn how to speak publicly so they can tell their stories. I am a trainer/coordinator for this so I have to hear literally dozens of personal stories every week about depression, body image, self image, cutting, eating disorders, substance abuse, etc. It sounds to me like your starving yourself is actually a kind of self injury. Its something you HAVE to bring up with yuour counselor. You also should act now or as soon as possible. The reason I say it is urgent is because right now your not hurting yourself as bad as you may be in the near future if you don't cut this off immediatly. I hear people tell me the most horrible things that they've done to themselves and their stories always start with something less dramatic like what you're talking about right now. You don't want to keep going any farther down this trail. Tell your counselor, tell a friend, you deserve not just to eat but you deserve a happy life.

Alvyn Alvyn
That's a problem most of us face, maybe not as severe but we do what I do I just drink a LOT of water it helps me lower my appetite(I think that's how you spell it) because I get full off the water so it might help u as well
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Thyrza Thyrza
Emotional eating can be treated with therapy/antidepressants. Try to fill up on fiber and protein...
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Thyrza Originally Answered: how to control hunger?.i feel hungry all the time!?
Is your craving physical or psychological or both? If it's psychological, well, you should take a close look at what are the "triggers" that make you want to eat. Are you using food as a substitute for something, like because you're unhappy or bored? If it's physical: 1. Eat a variety of foods/cuisines. We're more satiated when we eat a variety of textures, flavors, colors, etc. 2. Cut down - and eventually eliminate - artificial food! I mean both junk (e.g., potato chips) and "healthy" (e.g., granola bars, nutrition bars). They may taste good, but artificial flavors don't satiate us as well as natural foods. 3. DON'T cut down on the essentials, like meat or dairy, carbohydrates or fat. This will only make your cravings worse. 4. Take a look at your eating habits/environment. Do you eat while doing something else, like watching tv? Do you eat more when you're with friends? Is food left out, so when you see it, it triggers you to eat? Maybe even try a food diary for a couple weeks, listing when/where/what you eat. You may discover there are trends to your eating. And when you discover what these are, you can work on addressing these triggers. 5. Incorporate low-cal healthy foods that fill you up, such as fruits and veggies, into your diet. 6. Drink a glass of water before eating anything. 7. To reduce the quantity you're eating, do it slowly so your stomach can get used to the change. 8. Do moderate exercise. This may not sound logical to you, because exercise is supposed to increase our appetite. However, eating in response to a physical desire created by exercise is very satiating and may, in turn, CURB your craving. (I speak from experience) Good luck!

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