Do you believe Americans Today Spend Too Much on Their Pets?

Do you believe Americans Today Spend Too Much on Their Pets? Topic: Do you believe Americans Today Spend Too Much on Their Pets?
May 27, 2019 / By Eliot
Question: For next year, the projected amount Americans will spend on their pets is over 40 billion dollars, and this is considered a modest estimate. with products like expensive organic foods, special mineral water, spa and aromatherapy kits, chicken-flavored toothpaste, and designer clothing available, don't you think this is a little much? EDIT: I DON'T HATE ANIMALS! Geez people, I own NINE PETS! And I consider each and every one of them good friends. I know caring for them can be tough, and expensive, especially when the have medical problems. What I meant is that pets don't need to go to the spa once a week, and I have nothing against clothing for pets notice I said "DESIGNER" clothing. Tommy, Raulph Lauren, that sort of stuff. What I'm against is all the Paris Hilton wannabees that buy their purse dogs diamond studded collars.
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Chauncey Chauncey | 3 days ago
Nope. I pay about 120$ a month on food for two dogs because I like the idea of them being around for a while. They cannot have the cheap crappy foods everyone is convinced are just fine for dogs like Iams, Purina and Science Diet. I spend more on my dogs in a month than I do on myself for several reasons; they cannot go out and get a job to provide for their own needs, they do more for me with their existence than any human ever will and knowing that they are happy/healthy is important to me. Why does it matter to you how much money other people spend on their animals? If you don't want to buy the best you can for your animals don't. As for chicken-flavored toothpaste have you ever tried using non-flavored toothpaste on a dog?? It's interesting to say the least. add: After reading the posts above mine I must say that I don't have money. 90% of my check goes to paying the pet insurance, food/chew bill and providing quality care for my dogs. To top it off my income doesn't even register so that I can qualify as 'low-income'. It's non-existent. It's called sacrifice and I will willingly give up what I WANT for what they NEED. Bottled water...yep. They don't need all the chemicals (IE bleach) that the city water has. Organic food...yep. They don't need the fillers and garbage in chain-store brands. Clothes...yep. My female gets cold fairly easily. In winter she has a hoodie which cost me less than a winter jacket for myself did. That's what I signed on for when I traded the human idiot in for a dog (or two) add: Jewel, you've got Victoria confused with Cesar. Victoria hasn't had an issue (that I've seen) with people showing affection towards their dogs unless it's an unhealthy type. Cesar is the one who cannot stand the idea of someone loving on their animals. Affection isn't the cause of behavioral problems; the lack of discipline, training and common sense is. add: That I can agree with. Dog's were never meant to be fashion accessories. There are some things I consider necessary that you listed though. Bottled water, chicken-flavored toothpaste (mine prefer beef) and organic foods are top of my list.
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Alvred Alvred
IMO animals are equal too humans and I spend an average 300 a month on my ferrets so I think more people should spend more money on their pets. Some peoples' pets are like their children they'd do anything for them. That's a true animal lover. I'm all FOR IT!!!
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Thomasine Thomasine
There is a trend toward excessive affection toward pets; this often leads to behavioural problems...if you've ever seen 'It's Me or the Dog', you can see most of the behavioural problems are due to giving the dog too much attention or giving in to the dog's wants instead of giving him/her what is -needed-. So yes, too much spent on pets, but at the same time, some of the things people spend money on, such as high quality food, are definitely good. Too much spent on pets, but at the same time, these are the people who have the excessive amounts of money to spend on them...unfortunately, some people don't spend -enough- on their pets, and they end up having a sick, unhappy pet.
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Roseann Roseann
I agree that special mineral water and most clothing (unless for warmth) are over-the-top for sure. Toothpaste has a definite health benefit - not so upset about that - you can't use people toothpaste because dogs swallow and it's not meant to be swallowed. Americans spend their money on lots of stupid things that could be spent for other purposes - iPods, video games, designer clothes for kids (and themselves), fancy cars. Why just pick on pet supplies?
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Mya Mya
I think a lot of people are opting to have pets instead of children. If you consider what that number of people would spend on rearing a child, it doesn't seem that unreasonable to me. They dote over and spoil their pets like they would kids, so it doesn't seem that far out.
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