What amount of food do I need to eat daily to lose weight (my body specifications included)?

What amount of food do I need to eat daily to lose weight (my body specifications included)? Topic: What amount of food do I need to eat daily to lose weight (my body specifications included)?
May 26, 2019 / By Elihoenai
Question: I am 5'2", small framed and weigh 160 lbs. I am also 20 years old. Most of my excess weight is on my abdomen and my upper arms. I have been eating so bad for such a long time now, that I don't now how what the right amount of food I need to keep my body healthy is. I binge a lot, on sweet breads and chocolates and candies. Can anybody give me some sample menus for a whole day so that I can see what a normal diet for someone like me is?
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Charley Charley | 8 days ago
Breakfast 2 slices of whole wheat bagel with 1 tbsp peanut butter and a piece of fruit. DRINK 1 CUP OF WATER. Snack 1 cup of carrots. DRINK 1 CUP OF WATER. Lunch Stir fry with ½ cup of brown rice, 75g (2 ½ oz.) chicken breast and 1 cup of mixed vegetable. A piece of fruit. DRINK 1 CUP OF WATER. Snack Two One whole wheat English muffin with melted 25g of cheese and apple slices. DRINK 1 CUP OF WATER. Dinner Omelete; 2 egg whites with 25g of cheese, red peppers and green onions. Serve with 2 slices of whole wheat bread toasted. Have a fruit. DRINK 1 CUP OF WATER. Snack Three A fruit with ¾ cup of low fat yogurt. DRINK 1 CUP OF WATER. This is one day menu that I created for myself to lose weight. I have 6 different meal menu so that I won't get tired of eating the same thing everyday. I've lost 65lbs already. I used Canada's Food Guide website and got ideas to create my 7-day meal plan. Anyways good luck. If you have any questions email me at [email protected]
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Charley Originally Answered: Did i get my daily recommended amount of protein?
A hummingbird eats more in one day than you do. Stay on that diet and you'll be malnourished in a few days. As for protein you didn't even come close to 50 grams. Two tablespoons of peanut butter only has 8 grams and 2 slices of bread 4 grams. Keep that up and your muscles will begin to atrophy. Also at your height and weight your body will use up all the calories you ate for the entire day just walking up a flight of stairs. I'd recommend you eat 3 good meals a day totaling at least 500 -700 calories each and drink a couples glasses of milk a day preferably with your meals. If you gain weight on that many calories then get off your butt and do some exercise. When I was 18 I ate about 2000 calories just for breakfast, ham eggs, & tatters) and ate two lunches every day while at school and never gained an ounce.(at 5'-10", 165 lbs)

Alured Alured
Well, I need more info, but: STOP eating sweets! Sugar will make you fat as hell! Trust me I know. I used to eat candy and drink lots of sodas.... You don't need to be a vegan hippy health nut, but eat better. I have friends that don't work out, and just eat healthy, and they have all lost lots of weight. Water and Pickles: Since sweets are your downfall, eat a pickle everytime you crave sugar, it fools your body into thinking those sweet, salty, fatty foods have been consumed. Water will help to control your appetite, drink lots of it, lots. Stick to it, if you do it for a week and feel good, dont lapse, keep it up and you will feel 2wice as good, and so on.
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Theda Theda
My diet: breakfast: eggs and pinto beans with milk 2nd meal: protein shake with oatmeal lunch: rice, vegetables, protein (chicken, beef, turkey) 4th meal: 2 sandwiches with turkey on whole wheat bread dinner: protein (chicken, beef, turkey), rice (or spaghetti, etc) and vegetables. Im 21 5'8", 145lbs. Thats a pretty healthy with minimal sugars and fats. Should help you a ton. Remember that its better to eat 4-5 small meals than 3 huge ones. Throw in some fruits and nuts and you'll be good to go!
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Rosanna Rosanna
swap out brown rice or quinoa yes even the new super food which both add up to about 220 calories per cup for cauliflower or roasted peppers that are only about 30 calories per cup
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Morven Morven
try drinking skim milk at breakfast instead of juice overweight people who drank skim milk for breakfast ate fewer calories
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Lizzie Lizzie
You need to eat less calories than what you burn in a day. To know how much you should eat, you need to know how much you burn.
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Lizzie Originally Answered: lose max amount of body fat% in 2 weeks?
Please tell me you measure your body fat% on a scale...!!!!....???? These scales are very inaccurate and you should not pay any attention to them. Did you know that females should never get their body fat below 13% This is the amount of fat that your body needs to function normally. If you get even slightly ill with a body fat % lower than 13% t you can die from organ failure or brain damage. Judging by your height and weight I actually think your body fat % is more like 25% your BMI puts you in the normal range. Unless you are really muscular for a girl you're body fat % couldn't be any more than 21% at absolute lowest. Do a body fat % test with a tape measure, there are several online tests you can do at home, a scale can not do this, it is impossible. If you are really committed about 4-5lbs per week is about the maximum safe rate of weight lose for anybody. Realistically if you are committed and can loose about 8lbs you might just sneak in to about 20% body fat, which puts you in to an athletic range. (if you do ab work outs you will start to see abs at this body fat %) LOL..just read your update being a guy now makes it sound like a reasonable question...sorry for the chastising....!! Weight loss will still be the same though, about 8lbs. You might just get under 10% body fat, which means you might start to see a bit of ab definition.

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