How to live long (100 yrs+) and never get sick? (Severe Germaphobia Problems)?

How to live long (100 yrs+) and never get sick? (Severe Germaphobia Problems)? Topic: How to live long (100 yrs+) and never get sick? (Severe Germaphobia Problems)?
June 27, 2019 / By Eliasaph
Question: It's been very confusing for me in the past few months on my schemes of living really long and never getting sick. So here's what I do: Wash my hands about 25x a day (after bathroom, before eating, after dirty) My hands are bloody dry so I use Shea Butter to cure that. I have moderate physical activity in the sense that I'm always stressed in school about getting to places quickly so I have to do a lot of running/walking. I have like 5 friends. So here's the issue. I have been a germaphobe for a few months just to not get sick and live longer because my theory is that you live longer if you make your immune system work less and keep it in good condition as much as possible. But it still hasn't really done much. AND I WASH MY HANDS EVERY TIME BEFORE EATING AND AFTER THE BATHROOM! If I can't I actually don't eat! And I guess I'm good with other clean habits too. BUT I STILL HAVE GOT 3 COLDS IN THIS TIME PERIOD! What is the big deal? Why can't I find anyway for my plans to work. Also, people say that this surpresses the immune system. So I was wondering, if I should stop washing my hands before eating or not because I read a book on the immune system and it said that saliva contains plenty of anitbodies to mark up germs. But the problem is that every time I try to battle this and say to myself to not wash my hands before eating, I always end up doing it BECAUSE my theory always HAUNTS me. My theory where I said that try to make the immune system work as less as you can to not wear it out. So should I stop or should I continue? My parents said to only do it during sickness seasons. And I it is kind of getting boring to wash my hands before eating but then again my theory and that I want to live for a long time and never get sick gets in the way. WHAT DO I DO? Also, as a kid I was not germaphobic so my immune system did build up!
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Chance Chance | 5 days ago
It is impossible to not get sick but hiding from germs doesnt make your immune system work any better. You need vitamins and minerals to keep your immune system up. Especially vitamin c. Ummm to live long you can drink red wine like one glass a day when you are at age, but in all reality it doesn't matter how long you live it's the quality of your life
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Chance Originally Answered: How do you optimize live with arthritis? (or similar problems)?
What sort of arthritis do you have? What medication are you on? Do you see a rheumatologist? Have you seen an occupational therapist? If you have an autoimmune arthritis, there are many medications you can take. It sounds like what ever you're on isn't working for you. A rheumatologist can get you on the right medication to minimize your symptoms. An occupational therapist can help adapt things like door knobs, cutlery and other things that are becoming difficult for you. Good luck. EDIT- Because your arthritis isn't caused by a malfunction in your immune system, it's likely you have osteoarthritis. Unfortunately there's not a lot you can do about this. DMARDs are not used in this sort of arthritis. Has your doctor ever suggested steroid injections? These can be put into the joint but they only last 6weeks-3months.Unfortunately if you're not able to get to the doctor it's going to be a bit difficult and fingers are difficult to injection. If your fingers feel hot, try putting ice cubes on them or running them under cold water. If they're stiff, try heat. How many Meloxicam do you take a day? I'm on 7.5mg tablets twice a day, this is the maximum dose. I would ask a pharmacist if you could take any more than you're currently taking. Good luck. ....

Alpin Alpin
Actually the less your immune system works the weaker it gets and the more likely you are to get sick. Having some germs is a good thing. Being exposed to germs makes your body stronger because it gets your body exposed. You can wash your hands too much, and it sounds like you are. Before and after you go to the bathroom or eat is good, but it shouldn't be to the point where your hands are raw. It sounds like you have an obesessive compulsive disorder. You should maybe seek help.
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Tessie Tessie
Stop thinking of them as germs. That is slang and lumps all bacteria both good and bad in the same lump. When we were born we had pro-biotic bacteria in our intestine that aided us in digesting food. Pro-biotic means pro life. As we get older the good bacteria dies off especially when we take anit-biotics that kills everything both good and bad in our body. The anti-biotics may help us fight viruses but what happens is our immune system continues to get weaker with the use of anti-biotics while the viruses mutate and get stronger. So we just up the dose of anti-biotics until there is no anti-biotics that work any more and our immune system is wrecked. Nothing is left in our intestines but bad bacteria that causes all kinds of problems that make us weaker. Yes we need to wash our hands to keep from adding more of the bad bacteria and viruses to our system. BUT we also need a way to replenish the pro-biotic bacteria that we lost as children. We do this by drinking Kefir or eating Greek Yogurt or sauerkraut. I stopped eating all the processed foods full of chemicals and started eating whole foods and pro-biotic foods like Kefir or Greek Yogurt or sauerkraut and I lost 40 lbs, my Triglyceride level went down from 405 to 49 and I stopped getting sick because these foods BOOST THE IMMUNE SYSTEM.
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Rosalyn Rosalyn
The reason you get sick alot even when you wash your hands alot is because you don't let germs into your body and that weakens your immune system.
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