Do I have Diabetes? Please. This is urgent.?

Do I have Diabetes? Please. This is urgent.? Topic: Do I have Diabetes? Please. This is urgent.?
May 26, 2019 / By Eliah
Question: I have no insurance right now so I need a direct conclusion before I decide to pay money out of my pocket. Heres the deal: I went to the doctor 4 months ago to get tested for Diabetes. Everything came back normal. Recently, I started going to the bathroom more often after drinking 3 small bottles of Mountain Dew on Sunday. Ive also had some tingling in my left hand and foot. My throat is dry but i dont feel thirsty. Doctor told me when I got checked for Diabetes last time its nothing to worry about. Please help Im still peeing frequently as we speak. How long do I have if I do have Diabetes to get treated before major symptoms happen? Could be urinary tract infection? My penis still stings a bit and feels like i still have to pee even after I pee. I dont know whats wrong.
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Chadwick Chadwick | 4 days ago
There are many things you can do to help control your diabetes, if that is in fact what you have. The best thing you can do for yourself is educate yourself on the disease. Exercise, understanding how foods affect you, medication, and natural supplements are some great places to start. Symptoms: The following are the most common symptoms of type 2 diabetes. However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Symptoms may include: - frequent infections that are not easily healed - high levels of sugar in the blood when tested - high levels of sugar in the urine when tested - unusual thirst - frequent urination - extreme hunger but loss of weight - blurred vision - nausea and vomiting - extreme weakness and fatigue - irritability and mood changes - dry, itchy skin - tingling or loss of feeling in the hands or feet Some people who have this type of diabetes exhibit no symptoms. Symptoms may be mild and almost unnoticeable, or easy to confuse with signs of aging. Half of all Americans who have diabetes do not know it. The symptoms of type 2 diabetes may resemble other conditions or medical problems. Always consult your physician for a diagnosis. There are some great natural supplements that will help balance blood sugar levels such as cinnamon, chromium, garlic and the list could go on. Here is a website that will help explain this and more to you in detail. Good luck to you.
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Chadwick Originally Answered: difference in diabetes and type 2 diabetes?
Vomiting is a possible sign of poorly managed diabetes. Get checked out: I had this symptom in the last few weeks before I was diagnosed. Type1 Diabetes Mellitus is properly called Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM), and occurs when the body produces insufficient insulin to metabolise glucose. It is usually acquired before the age of 20, but not always. Type 2, Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM) is acquired either through a genetic heritage, or high risk lifestyle, or both. I usually takes the form of relatively normal insulin production, but the receptors for the insulin are de-sensitised: this is Insulin Resistance. Exercise, proper diet and measuring of blood glocose to keep it under 5mmol/Litre are essential for food health. In my case it is genetic, in my identical twin brother's case, it was both: he was obese, drank too much, never exercised, had high cholesterol, and was diagnosed at 19. We are now in our late 30's and I was diagnosed last month in my annual check-up. My blood sugar was fine, but I tested positive to Insulin resistance. My lifestyle kept the blood sugar down at safe levels. I am now changing my exercise to a more aerobic patterm, and consuming a fruit product (Monavie) to try and re-sensitise my body to insulin. I had suffered what I though was mild heartburn/gastric reflux in the previous few weeks, and was feeling a bit depressed (another common symptom). The belief is that my blood sugar had spiked a couple of times during that period, though it was okay when I was tested. High fat foods also increase the risk of gastric reflux, especially when comined with NIDDM/ or IDDM. Other POSSIBLE symptoms (you mentioned you had some) - Frequent thirst combined with frequent urinatiom - Depression or 'the blues' - Small wounds taking a long time to heal, especially if they are at the extremities - High blood pressure - Family history od\f IDDM or NIDDM - Blurred vision: this one is very urgent. - Gastric reflux - Impotence and/or loss of sex-drive, and this can happen in women too. - Persistent dizziness or nausea. Not all people will have all these symptoms, and there are other possible symptoms too. None of these symptoms is diagnostic by itself, or in combination, and a proper Glycated Haemoglobin test should be done, and Fasting Glucose test. Get these tests done when you see a doctor, and do it soon. It may well not be IDDM or NIDDM, but check anyway because damage is cumulative. Hope it all goes well, and my email is open, I would love to hear good news that it was nothing major! If it is DM, then I can send you info. Cheers from Australia!

Alphonzo Alphonzo
If you want to know if you are diabetic, the easiest thing to do is to go to your local drugstore or Walmart or wherever and buy yourself a cheap glucometer (blood sugar monitoring device). You can usually find some that come with a few test strips for less than 20 dollars. First thing in the morning, before you eat anything, check your blood sugar. If it is over 126 mg/dl for 2 or more days in a row then you are most likely diabetic. However, if you've recently had a glucose tolerance test, or similar blood work done and have been assured that it is nothing to worry about, then it probably isn't and you might very well have a uti, but I don't know much about them...
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Tessa Tessa
Your symptoms don't sound like diabetes. Sounds more like urinary tract infection mostly because of the last symptom you describe. It is unlikely that you've developed diabetes is four months. Also, Mt Dew and other caffinated beverages can cause you too pee a lot.
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Rosaline Rosaline
If the doctor tested you and found you NOT to be diabetic then calm down and believe him. Mountain dew will make you urinate more (more caffeine) If it stings to urinate it sounds like you have an infection which your doctor can treat. Call him and take a sample in. Good luck and calm down.
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Morgane Morgane
kindly, cross check with the chief symptoms of diabetes. Diabetes Symptoms: • Severe pain in calf muscles [below knee joints], reeling sensation after heavy lunch/dinner, unhealed wounds/injuries/gum infections, excessive thirst/hunger, excessive urination, blurred vision and above all tensions add to the chief symptoms of diabetes. but, don't worry. see a doctor at once. Good luck to u. Source(s): www.saioam.com
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Morgane Originally Answered: Please help! Really urgent?
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