Is organic ethanol better for the environment?

Is organic ethanol better for the environment? Topic: Is organic ethanol better for the environment?
October 23, 2019 / By Eli
Question: I am referring to both ethanol fuel and beverage additives produced from organically grown crops versus fertilizer grown crops.
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Cenric Cenric | 2 days ago
The entire "organic" schtick in environmentalism was originally created by health nuts who assumed that any manufactured food additives or fertilizers were "bad" for you, even though they meet FDA or EPA or USDA safety requirements. So now counterculture health nuts have started slipping their tracts into environmental propaganda. Now heres the answer. An auto engine is going to burn and breakdown any residual additives that somehow make their way into fuel grade ethanol. In other words, it makes absolutely no difference.
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Allyster Allyster
LOCAL is better then ORGANIC hands down... Check out this article from LiveScience.com 16 Organic Apples and a Gallon of Gas http://www.livescience.com/health/060627_bad_organic.html Organic means nothing if you need to ship it in a truck or plane! What I want to know is what happened to those electric cars I remember back in the early 1990's... There is a movie you NEED to watch called "Who killed the electric car". It isn't one of those Propaganda, anti-republican, doc's your used to... This actually uses FACTS to get their point across... Not lies and emotion. Modern Marvles did a show in the last year about alternative energy too and they showed the wind turbine on top of Jay Lenno's house and how a compact and reasonably affordable design like theirs will be on the roof top of every home in the next 20 years! Wind power tech is advancing 100% faster then solar... I can't understand why it isn't on everyon's roof right now!
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Terry Terry
ethanol is an overall bad idea. It raises food costs, and all the machinery involved in propogating, growing,harvesting, and processing uses almost as much fuel as they produce. One report said for everyone 1.3 gallons of ethanol produced, 1 gallon of gasoline was used in the machinery to do it.
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Rosalina Rosalina
yes. so is hydrogen power. i WISh someone would start to market those water vapor injectors that they used to use (as options) on older engines before computer controls came into being. Those injectors helped engines run cleaner and use less gas.
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Morgan Morgan
yes, they dont contibute so much to eutrophication or habitat loss, and neither do they add to bioaccumulation of pesticides. fyi, hydrogen power takes more energy to crach the hydrogen than you get from it, so its only good if you use renewable sources to produce it
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