What a healthy drink choice?

What a healthy drink choice? Topic: What a healthy drink choice?
May 27, 2019 / By Elhanan
Question: alright guys so im giving up mountain dew cause its just awful for you. I have a mini fridge in my room so i need a new kind of drink for it. Id drink water but water can just get so boring. Please don't recommend diet soda because its just as bad as regular soda. so i just want somebody to let me know of a healthy drink choice. Actually it doesn't even have to be healthy it just cant be ridiculously bad for you.
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Cedric Cedric | 1 day ago
A splash of lemon, orange, cranberry, or even the Naked juices per quart adds all the flavor you need. Say 1-2 oz per 32 oz of water. My current drink of choice is iced green tea with a shot of lemon, orange, or grapefruit juice. I am not some purist. Yes there is sugars in all the above mentioned juices but most are natural and the difference is like 80 grams of sugar per quart of Mountain Dew versus 4 or 8 grams per quart of flavored water.
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Cedric Originally Answered: Was this a healthy choice?
I actually think those are both healthy choices, each has a carb and a protien (cheese) , you could probably get rid of the vitamin water though, but half a bottle isn't bad. Good for you making healthy choices :)
Cedric Originally Answered: Was this a healthy choice?
those definitely sound healthier than the dollar menu. props to you for being concerned with your health. it's not just about what you eat, but how much you consume as well. watch out for juices (even vitamin waters) because they contain insane amounts of sugars. and maybe instead of alfredo sauces, have you ever tried pesto with fresh parmesean on top? i think you're off to a really good start (^_^) good for you.

Allystair Allystair
Actually diet soda is worse than normal soda because it has aspartame, but anyways.... -There is an all natural soda called "Zevia" (look it up) which is sweetened with stevia, an all natural 0 calorie sweetener -Function Energy Drinks are all natural and delicious (and give you energy of course) -Juices (preferably organic) without anything added is good -Izze sodas are all natural (basically just carbonated fruit juice) -DO NOT buy any drinks with high fructose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners (CRYSTAL LIGHT HAS ASPARTAME- DO NOT GET IT IS UNHEALTHY!!!!!!!!!) Good luck!
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Terrie Terrie
I like water with crystal light. tons of different flavors...and it's not as boring as water...but you still get a lot of water which is good.
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Terrie Originally Answered: Is this a healthy breakfast choice?
i own a smoothie bar and can tell you that yes, this is healthier than a combo meal at mcdonalds, but the additives that places like tropical smoothie and smoothie king put into smoothies are not healthy. i have a peanut butter cup smoothie on my menu (a healthier version), and it's the most popular....so good choice! the dark chocolate is most likely a chocolate syrup (which is loaded with sugar). also, the acai berry is either a juice (which contains less than 2% acai fruit) or shebert, not the actual berry. therefore, it's not as healthy as you think. even though splenda doesn't contain sugar or calories, it's still unhealthy. my advice is to leave out the acai berry, substitute the dark chocolate for chocolate protein and no splenda or sugar (the peanut butter has plenty to make it sweet). or you could just find another smoothie bar in your area that uses 100% fruit (smoothie king claims to, but they really use sugary syrups).

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