Good food for a healthy diet?

Good food for a healthy diet? Topic: Good food for a healthy diet?
July 18, 2019 / By Elgar
Question: I weigh 240lbs and I'm trying to lose 60lbs in the next twon months or so before my school starts again. Anyone know a healthy, inexpensive, really great tasting food to help me on this diet. I'm trying to completly change my lifestyle. Anyone got anything?
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Catigern Catigern | 9 days ago
I have a lot of ideas for you. eat fruit. all kinds of fruit. RAW, not sugared, not dried. make shakes with frozen berries. use vanilla yogurt or frozen yogurt. eat salads. put your favorite things in them. add lean white chicken for a little texture. the first and best thing you can do is cut out the bad stuff. the soft drinks, the candies, the fries, the chips. remove them from your sight until you have the will power to resist them. you want to stay on track so you can maintain the healthy eating habits that will help you lose this weight. if its in a box, its probably not that good for you (some exceptions) eat a BIG breakfast. breakfast should be your fattiest meal of the day. now, when i say fatty i dont mean eggs, bacon, sausage and the works. i mean unsaturated, good fats. for breakfast you can have 1 cup of a lowfat yogurt with nuts and berries. a bowl of cheerios or other high-fibre low-sugar cereal. try Muesli if you can find it. its a granola like cereal that is pretty healthy. eat boiled egg whites. eat whole grain bread. peanut butter is fine in moderation. no more than 2 spoons at a time. start trying new foods. i dont know what you like and what you hate, so all i can say is to go to your local grocery store and spend some time in the produce section. that is where you need to be. remember, it takes time but once you get on track and see the pounds melting away, you will feel great. good luck and feel free to pm me.
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Catigern Originally Answered: When did healthy food are tasting good when you started removing junk food and unhealthy stuff from your diet?
I can't recall when it started tasting good as I have done it for so long now. I can tell you that experimenting with spices is the way to go. Garlic and ginger are two of my favorites.
Catigern Originally Answered: When did healthy food are tasting good when you started removing junk food and unhealthy stuff from your diet?
What you're doing is not healthful. It is essential that you eat foods that taste good to you. Forcing yourself to eat "healthy" foods is going to do you no good. You won't digest them well. You can eat them from now to doomsday and they won't start tasting good to you. You need to trust your body. Your likes and dislikes are messages from your body as to what it needs. You've fallen into the trap that so many people fall into--taking the popular notions of what healthful eating is as gospel. The problem with those notions is that they just aren't true for a lot of people. They favor foods that are not calorie dense and do not contain the things that boost metabolism. Both of those things add up to a diet that lowers metabolism--and most people these days are already hypometabolic. Your body doesn't want those foods for a reason. It wants foods that are going to boost your metabolism--calorie dense foods, foods that contain starch, fats (especially saturated), sugars, salt. All the things that one finds in "junk" food (except saturated fats, unfortunately)--which is exactly why they taste good to people. Junk foods aren't inherently tasty; they taste good to people for a reason--because they contain those things that boost metabolism. When one's metabolism is strong and one no longer needs so much of those metabolism-boosting things, those foods will not taste so good. The body will instead want those so-called healthy foods that don't taste good to you now. They will taste good to you, when your body is ready for them. But right now, you need to follow what your body wants. That doesn't mean you have to eat a lot of processed foods. Make your own food, cook from scratch, and eat the foods you love. That's what will get you healthier.

Allysdair Allysdair
The food I eat for example :Dinner = Baked Chicken Its really good but for like snacks yogurt or a piece of bread and breakfast you eat fruit.
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Terra Terra
a really simple diet is my diet : rules: 1200 calories a day nothing over 10% fat 30 mins of walking every single day stick to those and you'll lose about 20+ in 2 months simple.east.effective
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I feed my tomiecat Blue Buffalo Company indoor formula but I'm thinking of switching to the wilderness formula if they get it in chicken or duck same company. Blue is usually $22 for a decent sized bag its only sold in pet stores go online read about it its very good premium cat food and u will have to spend money to get good stuff but its worth it friskys purina nine lives etc is not good because it contains crappy parts of animals if any real animal protein at all and too much corn which will make ur cat fat and will hurt its tummy get rice based food not corn based

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