How can I keep my breast milk up if I supplement with formula?

How can I keep my breast milk up if I supplement with formula? Topic: How can I keep my breast milk up if I supplement with formula?
May 20, 2019 / By Eleazar
Question: My son is 7 weeks old and for 5 weeks straight I nursed him. I found that he wasn't getting enough and he wanted to nurse every hour. My milk was flowing good but I think he had a growth spurt! My husband suggested we give him formula just in case he wasn't getting enough breast milk. However, I'm starting to use formula more often because it's easier. I definitely do NOT want to stop nursing him. He nurses for about 5 minutes and gets upset because he is not getting enough (I think). I'm using the pump and only getting 2-3 ounces from one breast and only 1 ounce from the other. I'm trying to eat right and drink plenty of fluids but nothing is working. It is so discouraging because I wish I NEVER started to give him formula! I wanted to nurse him for at least a year since I only nursed one month with my first child.
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Cassidy Cassidy | 8 days ago
Take a nursing holiday. Take your baby to bed with you and nurse non-stop, drink and rest. You need to get him nursing more and he is the best way to bring your milk back. Try some oatmeal, nursing teas, water, fenugreek, blessed thistle. Perhaps go and get a script for domperidone. You should pump after a feed to stimulate more milk, it isn't an indication of how much you have though. 2-3oz is actually good, he is still young and doesn't need much at a time. Tell your husband to support you more by not suggesting formula.
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Cassidy Originally Answered: Does switching from formula to Vit D milk cause constipation?
i noticed it at first but it always passed with each kid. some prune juice should get things moving along while he gets used to it. BUT if he isnt a yr yet and he starts having crying fits, quit with the cows milk bc it can cause intestinal bleeding. (we had an experience) good luck

Allyn Allyn
You keep your milk supply up by not giving formula. Sorry, but that's how it works. Nursing every hour is normal! Find a lactation consultant who can help you come up with a personal plan to boost your supply. In the meantime, you can just nurse more often. Not longer, just more frequently. Forget about the pump. Your baby works better. FYI, that's an awesome pumping output. I never pumped that much in one sitting. Your baby can get far more than that, so don't feel like just because you pump 3-4 ounces, your baby can only get 3-4 ounces. You're not getting proper support now. Support and education are the most important things when you're learning to breastfeed. A good LC or a La Leche League leader will help you through this and help you lose that formula for good. In a few weeks, you'll look back and laugh because you thought that formula was easier! You can do this. I know it.
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Teri Teri
I know it's easier to formula feed but if you really want to continue nursing you need to stop the formul alltogether. (I'm a formula feeding mom, by the way)... But if you really want to breastfeed you have no reason to give him formula. Your baby will get enough from you (unless your pediatrician tells you that your baby is malnourished) there si no reason to supplement with formula. Breastfeeding, as I'm sure you know, is based on supply and demand. The more you nurse or pump, the more milk you will make. If your baby is going through a growth spurt and wants to eat more, put him to the breast more. Your body will adjust to the change and make more milk for the time being. Keep nursing and pumping as mjuch as you can to bring your supply up.
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Rosa Rosa
stop giving formula now. You absolutely cannot determine how much your baby gets by how much you get when you pump....your baby's warm lips are MUCH more efficient at getting your milk out than a cold plastic pump sucking the life out of your boobs lol. It's perfectly normal for your baby to want to nurse every hour, it's their way of building up your supply. It seemed like my baby was constantly on the boob when she was that age.
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Monta Monta
don't!!!! thats what i did and i've basically lost my milk. if you supplement at least get a sns system. do not give bottle. i did and never got him back on the breast. right now u need to throw the bottle in the trash. spurts happen for a second reason too - to increase your milk. put him back to breast onlly and all will be fine in a few days. trust me.
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Monta Originally Answered: my breast milk never came in?
As long as milk comes out of your nipples (even a few drops), you're fine. I was the same way. My breasts never got really big during pregnancy, and I never really got engorged. I also never felt let down. Pumping is not a good way to see if you have milk. A lot of women don't let down to a pump. Your body knows the difference between a pump and a real baby. Keep trying to get your baby to latch on. Contact LLL, and have them come over to your home and help you with the baby. Stay as close to the baby as you can. Sleep with her, and spend all day in bed with her. Have someone help with meals, and housework, and don't worry about anything else but your baby. Try taking a bath with her. Sit in the tub, have hubby, or someone hand her to you, and just sit there. You may be surprised, that alone may encourage her to latch on. If you spend enough time with her, with your breasts exposed, she will eventuall latch. If you want to boost your supply, drink lots and lots of water, eat well, and you can try taking Fenugreek and blessed thistle capsules. I think you ned to take six of each a day, if I'm not mistaken. If all else fails, and you have a low milk supply, there is also a medication that increases milk supply. It's called domperidone, and it's safe for the baby. However the best you can do, is keep nursing, and stay close to your baby. You can do this. Don't let anyone convince you have no milk. I never got engorged, never felt letdown, never leaked, yet I'm still nursing my 10month old daughter. Nurse as often as she wants. Take every little cry for hunger, and keep putting her to your breasts as often as she needs. Best of luck to you, and congratulations.

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