guinea pigs i want?

guinea pigs i want? Topic: guinea pigs i want?
May 25, 2019 / By Eldred
Question: i have checked my humane society near me and they only have one guinea pig for sale there. but its a long haired one i really want a short haired one. i was wandering if petsmart sold guinea pigs or if anyone close to me is selling any. i live in portsmouth,va and i was wandering if anyone knew were i could buy a guinea pig as far as 20 miles from my location. please let me know anything at this point i have 65$ saved up im making my own cage and all i need is the pet water bottle food bowl and toys and the igloo hut if you know anything let me know. thanks.o0o0 and the food and hay thanks..
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Cary Cary | 4 days ago
You don't love that adorable little boy right there in your town?? He's precious! He looks to be an abyruvian cross. Your best bet is going to be Metropolitan GPR. I'm not sure how far away from Portsmouth that is, but I'd be calling them. They are a reputable rescue and may even be willing to meet you part way. Call first, of course, and discuss this with them. Good luck!
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Cary Originally Answered: What can't I feed my guinea pigs?
http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet... The link above explains most of whats in your list. Skip onions, bananas, lemons, limes, cabbage, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, etc. Feed fruit in moderation. I feed red leaf, green leaf, cucumbers, one baby carrot a day, and strawberries on a reg. basis. I have fed dill, parsley, cilantro, spinach, and watermelon.

Allister Allister
Just be patient with them. It can take a while for guinea pigs to get used to people. I've had my guinea pigs for about 4 months now and they still run away from me and hide when I come into the room. If I sit still in there though, they will eventually come out and be normal. I take mine out for about half an hour to an hour for cuddles and they get an hour or more of grass time pretty much every day, so just keep doing what you're doing, but if you want to see faster improvement in their behaviour, take them out for longer periods of time and include them in your daily routine. They're called guinea PIGS for a reason! You can try to litter train them if you have the patience for that. There are many websites and YouTube videos that can show you how to do this. That might help cut down on the mess. I've just come to the conclusion that that's what they want in their cage, so just let them do it. I'll place their boxes and hideys the way I want, but the next day, they've moved them all and it's a pigsty in there. :D I don't know about windex. I use vinegar to clean my cages. It's natural and there's no chemicals in it. I also sometimes use dishwashing detergent. But whichever one I use, I make sure I rinse it off really well, just in case the piggies can get sick from it. Bedding is a personal preference with guinea pigs, I've found. I use fleece bedding and find that it works really well for me, but I know guinea pig owners that use wood shaving and CareFresh and all sorts of other stuff that they swear by. You could try Aspen shavings and see if it makes a difference in your cage. Good luck with everything!
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Temple Temple
I just bought a guinea pig for $30 but it was a baby. Big ones are $25. I wouldn't buy bedding at the pet store you get them at because they wasy overcharge. MAKE sure you do not get cedar or pine shaving because they have been known to cause respiratory problems in rodents. A water thing is only about $5 and we got a large hut for on;y $7 I think that you have enough money if you already have the cage(make sure it has at least 7.5 square feet for your piggy to run around in) If you want to add a tunnel just get a piece of PVC pipe it is way cheaper than buying a tunnel at the pet store. hope this helps!!
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Ronit Ronit
Please find a breeder if a rescue pig is not possible. Petstore guinea pigs are often mis sexed, have underlying illnesses. The amount have owners that buy from a petstore have to go through the heartbreak of it dying within the first couple of weeks. They are bred in back street breeders that have no concern for their welfare. Getting a guinea pig from a good breeder is usually cheaper than a petshop guinea pig and will give you advice. Check the eyes that they are bright and that it is lively, don't get the cute, quiet, shy pig hunched in the corner it could be ill. It does not have to cost a fortune for toys etc, cardboard shoeboxes make good hidey/beds, Kitchen roll tubes for gnawing on, fruit tree branches. Good luck.
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Monday Monday
http://search.petfinder.com/search/searc... Contact the organizations close to you. Many times, if you are serious about adopting, people will help with transporting the pig closer to you. ** Something to condsider- If money is going to be a issue, do not get a guinea pig. They are not disposable pets. They require a certian diet and vat care, which can get pricey.
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Monday Originally Answered: What fruits and vegetables with Vitamin C is good for Guinea Pigs?
With new foods, the trick is to keep offering them. They may not eat them at first, but you've got to keep trying. Most piggers love carrots, but they really don't have much nutrition for guinea pigs ~ they should only have the size of a baby carrot a day. Like others said above, green and yellow bell peppers (red are high in sugar) and cherry tomatoes (1-2 per pig a day) are great sources of Vitamin C. Please don't use vitamin or mineral drops in their water ~ the vitamin c just degrades in the water and too many minerals is harmful to guinea pigs. If you give them enough in their daily diets through fresh veggies, they will be fine. Fruits should be given sparingly as they are high in sugar, and some piggers are easily susceptible to diabetes. Strawberries and rasberries have some of the lowest sugar content of fruits. Are you're guinea pigs together? If the one that doesn't eat the veggies sees the other eating them, she'll be more likely to try them sooner. I've heard of guinea pigs being offered foods 15 times or more before they'd really try them and decide they liked them. Don't give up!!! : o ) Here's a link to a good guinea pig nutrition chart: http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/diet... Many of the foods listed in the response above mine should be given only occasionally, but are better avoided due to health reasons. The link to the nutrition chart on guineapigs.com will explain some of that.

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