CLEARLY the Redskins will win the Super Bowl?

CLEARLY the Redskins will win the Super Bowl? Topic: CLEARLY the Redskins will win the Super Bowl?
July 18, 2019 / By Eldous
Question: I should have listened to you guys after the Dallas game. All I heard was how they wont lose again and they are by far the best team. I do think your right after that game today. Zorn, definetly, coach of the year, this is not even close. The point being...........just like the Dallas game, its ONE game. I tried telling you people that and you wouldnt listen. This is for 90% of the Skins fans that come in here. Some of you guys are cool and I dont mean disrepsect towards you, only the ones that wouldnt shut up about the Cowboys game.
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Carver Carver | 3 days ago
lol yeah ppl are hyping up the redskins but as of right now they doin their thing but they won't make the long run.there's too many threats:cowboys,giants,eagles,etc etc but hey it's the nfl anything can happened....just like how last year the ny giants couldn't win any kind of games @ home but got on a streak and won the Super Bowl by beating the cheaters..i mean Patriots.
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Carver Originally Answered: Whos going to watch the AFC play the Redskins in the Pro Bowl?
Half the players selected don't go - and moving the game to Hawaii was supposed to be the way to get more participation - so it could be the Browns versus Detroit, since those players will be well rested and not be "injured" for that weekend. This game should be held on Monday night the week of the Super Bowl - at the SP venue - and feature the players on the teams that did not make the playoffs. It's filler, anyway, so give the best of the worst a chance to be seen before the parties get started in the city.

Allistair Allistair
I hope they do! I'm a Colts fan but I do think the Redskins are a good team so that wouldn't bother me. I can't stand the cowboys or patriots, so as long as they don't win that's fine with me. i'm proud of my colts for their most recent win :)
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Tempest Tempest
That's true. Any team is beatable...they just have to be consistent. There were a lot of upsets today, and that was just the first round of games.
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Roni Roni
I hear you. But things always don't pan out the way they look.Reds lost today. And remember when they won! Everybody thought thy'd lose to the Broncs. Too early me man!
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Monat Monat
CLEARLY they will NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's some Joke's Team right there... -_- My uncle loves em though... bad tastes in teams i say *waits to be torn apart by Redskin fans*
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Monat Originally Answered: If your team lost in the Super Bowl and you were having a Super Bowl party would you kick them out?
I wouldn't kick everyone out or walk out of a super bowl party. Unfortunately(or fortunately), I stopped being a fanatic towards my favorite team as a young teen and from that point forward I became increasingly observant of the business side of athletics and figured the Cowboys wouldn't give me a dime if I gave them a dollar. Hence i simply retrenched and became a fan of the game. *Now if you are talking about my Alma Mater that is a different story. If antagonized after a big loss or insulted I may verbally assault people at the party before I walk out!

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