what are the reasons for having a low immune system?

what are the reasons for having a low immune system? Topic: what are the reasons for having a low immune system?
May 25, 2019 / By Eldin
Question: i eat quite well and take vitamins but i seem to catch every cold or virus that is going around and also i feel fatigued quite a lot. i've had a blood test and that comes up ok i dont smoke or do drugs, i just drink alchohol at weekends and i suffer the next day with really bad hangovers but i dont even drink that much
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Carrol Carrol | 10 days ago
There are many factors for a low immune system, and there are also many things you can do to strengthen it. There are many reasons why the immune system is weak. Toxins: Most people today have excess accumulation of toxins and waste material in their bodies causing their body to be acidic and adding stress to their immune system function. The two main reasons for this is 1) People are putting huge amounts of toxins (mostly unknowingly) in their bodies on a regular basis and 2) their elimination channels are clogged, slow or sluggish. 3) toxins like "junk" food, medications(drugs), sugars, excess alcohol, allergens all stress your immune system, thus making it weak and unable to fight the germs when exposed to them. Nutritional Deficiency: When your body lacks nutrition, you will have a weak immune system. Since our bodies can not produce nutrients needed for optimal health, quality food plays a major factor in keeping our cells healthy and our immune system strong. Food not only provides energy to your body, but all the nutrients that are essential for a healthy immune system. Lack of drinking healthy water: Dehydration means the cells just simply do not have enough fluid. Dehydration cause medical problems including pain, arthritis, asthma, and allergies, among other medical issues. It can affect your energy and your sleep, and the ability to get toxins/waste material out of the body. Lack of physical activity: Lack of regular, moderate exercise appears to slow down cleansing the body of certain toxins and waste products Lack of sufficient rest: lack of sleep will stress your immune system and thus increase the risk of catching a bug. Chronic Stress Financial pressures, health worries, challenging relationships, strenuous work or family responsibilities can all stress the immune system. Therefore, to help your illness you need to strengthen your immune system with proper nutrition, eliminate toxins in your body (body cleanse), have moderate activity, get plenty of rest, and drink sufficient water. More detail on how to strengthen your immune system, foods, supplements, etc. go to website in source box
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Carrol Originally Answered: If you have immune system anything that will boost one immune system?
Get Dr. Fuhrman's book and take a look at that. I don't think you can do much better than getting the highest nutrition possible in everything you eat - and cutting out the garbage that we often think of as "food" in this country. The immune system is a delicate balancing act. If it's too weak it hurts your body - if it's too strong it hurts your body. So the goal isn't just to make it stronger but to give it the nutrients it needs to be "normal" or "balanced".

Allgar Allgar
Low immune function refers to an underactive and poor performing immune system. The immune system's prime function is to protect the body against infection and the posibility of developing of cancer. Support and enhancement of the immune system is perhaps the most important step in achieving resistance to disease and reducing susceptibility to colds, flus, and cancer. Supporting the immune system involves a health-promoting lifestyle, stress management, exercise, diet, and the appropriate use of nutritional supplements and herbal medicines.
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Teal Teal
Our immune system sometimes gets overwhelmed and become too week to fight off everything. Viruses and bacteria are very persistant. It helps to give your immune system a boost with vital nutrients that helps the body help itself.
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Rona Rona
The chances are a lot higher then with people with a normal immune system. What you can do to higher it is eat your own ***. It actually highers your immune system.
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Mollie Mollie
just remember that every time you catch something your body is building defenses and strengthening your immune system... make sure to focus your vitamin intake to a lot of vitamin C and B complexes try taking Emergen C you mix it in water and get a heafty dose of vitamin C...my husband drinks several a day and stays healthier than anyone i know. glad to hear your blood tests are all good. i wouldn't worry too much.
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Linnette Linnette
Try increasing your vitamin C intake. Drink lots of juice and eat lots of fruit. Also there is a Vitamin C supliment called Airborne that you can find at most grocery stores that works well.
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Linnette Originally Answered: Bad immune system?
You know the anser to your question and probably most of your health problems stem from the fact you are over weight. As an ICU nurse most of the pt's that I treat that are not injured from Trauma, are overweight and under active. 90% of Americans health problems are a direct cause of poor diet, overweight and inactivity. Not to mention vices such as smoking and illicit drug and alcohol abuse. Lose the weight my friend and get healthy!

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