black cohosh and inducing labor?

black cohosh and inducing labor? Topic: black cohosh and inducing labor?
May 27, 2019 / By Eladah
Question: i am about 39 weeks and some 1 told me about black cohosh i want 2 try it but need some help on the topic plz let me kno from personal experince ty
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Carl Carl | 4 days ago
If you have been having contractions then yes this will help but if you are not actually like in process if labor then these remedies will not do a darn thing..Believe I know I tried labor balm, black cohosh, and was even gonna try castor oil...but if baby isnt ready it wont work..you might ask your doctor to sweep your membranes..Im getting mines done weds and Im currently 37 weeks prego and ready to be done with pregnancy already...Good Luck...
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Carl Originally Answered: how much black cohosh capsules do i take to induce labor?
Black cohosh has been shown to cause blood thinning which can lead to excessive blood loss during delivery. There are so many web-sites that say do not use them. There was a lady in Kansas that bleed to death and lost the baby in 2007 from taking cohosh! I know that is not what you asked but think you should know!! Go to http://www.givingbirthnaturally.com/herbs-induce-labor.html If you Dr. or midwife still wants you to take it make sure contractions have started. The following website tells you how much go to http://www.eclecticphysician.com/archive.php?action=Nbr&Nbr=81

Allarick Allarick
while you're already having contractions, i could try intercourse or nipple stimulation instead. jointly as some have attempted black cohosh for hard artwork, it is not possibly customary how secure it quite is. extremely on condition that there at the instant are not any indications for utilization on the bottle. simply by fact it quite is an unregulated herb that ought to possibly circulate the placenta, i could circumvent it, in basic terms in case. it is likewise been pronounced that it may boost the prospect of severe bleeding for the time of hard artwork.
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Tatum Tatum
It may work, but it is also supposed to increase blood flow which causes a hemmorage risk during birth.
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Rizpah Rizpah
I would never go off what someone told you. Run it by your OB or midwife first. If it's safe, they can tell you the correct dosage. All the best to you.
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Misti Misti
Talk to your doctor or midwife if you are considering trying any methods to induce labor at home, and please follow their recommendations. Good luck!
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Misti Originally Answered: Black Cohosh Capsules to help regulate labor?
Hi there! I wouldn't mess with the Black Cohosh. Try having sex. Or get down and wash your kitchen floor. (I've heard this works quite often) If you are 41 weeks, I'm sure your doctor will be inducing you any day now, anyways. I know it's frustrating, but be patient. You don't want to put your baby at risk just to make yourself more comfortable. It will be over very soon. Good luck to you and your baby!!

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