best facial cleanser?

best facial cleanser? Topic: best facial cleanser?
May 27, 2019 / By Edwyn
Question: i have oily skin, and was wondering which products work to get rid of it the best? i'm looking for both a cleanser and a foundation/powder. thanks in advance! -K anyone from canada would be great too...
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Carbrey Carbrey | 10 days ago
I've had a lot of trouble with my skin, as some parts are oily, and others are dry. But Aveeno has really helped me out. Plus, I bought this little facial cleansing machine at a Walmart, you can find it in the beauty aisle. It's a little white handle thing with three interchangable heads. It works miracles if you keep to it! Plus, I know you've probably heard this a million times, but drink at least two glasses of water a day, if you don't drink it at all. Your skin immediatley feels and looks better. It's amazing. And good foundation is the Rimmel Recover. It's not like a normal foundation, firstly, if you choose the right shade for your skin, it doesn't look or feel like foundation. It blends in amazingly well, no "cakiness" or crumbling, and it still lets your skin breath. Plus, it has some shiner in it, which makes your skin glow, but not actually shine. Really good stuff. Good luck! I wish you smooth, beautful skin!
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Carbrey Originally Answered: Best facial cleanser?
Well, i have a little acne too and i'm not sure if my skin is combination or dry, but as of right now Kate Somerville keeps my skin pretty clear, although I do have a little remaining acne. My pharmacist has perfect skin, no blackheads/white heads, pimples, tight pores and she uses this brand called YES to carrots, her skin really is flawless. So i would try one of the two.. I know St. Ives is widely used by a lot of people but working at a drug store, i've seen people who have flawless skin use mainly two products, the green tea cleanser which has Salicylic Acid in it, and the Apricot scrub blackhead/blemish control. Then again, my friend uses both of these products and still suffers from pimples occasionally and her skin is not 100% cleared. You want to find a cleanser that really isn't exactly oil-free because being combination, I'm guessing you are dry on your cheeks and oily in the T-Zone? Well oil-free products, hence made for oily skin will strip your face of the natural oils, especially on the dry parts like your cheeks. Then again products made for hydrating your dry skin, usually contain hyaluronic acid and may cause too much shine in the T-zone. Try a product that's a medium of the two and natural, maybe the Neutrogena natural line if your looking for something cheap? If not..i really do suggest Kate Somerville, celebrity skin care guru's products, but you can't JUST use cleanser. Be prepared to follow it up with the necessary steps..and to spend at least 120 on her products all together. Make sure that when you get a cleanser, and i'm sure you need or already have a exfoliater, moisturizer, etc that they contain the same ingredients so they don't cancel each other out. Meaning if you're using a product with hyaluronic acid, don't follow it with a product with Salicylic Acid, then something with retinoid. Keep it the same. Hope i helped :-)

Alix Alix
I like Clean & Clear oil free Foaming Facial Cleanser (it's a salmon colored face wash). A bottle will last about a year and I use it twice a day. I use Shiseido's powder foundation, but I'm not sure that it's very helpful with facial oil -- I still feel fairly oily after a while.
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Tanzi Tanzi
I have oily skin too! Products I like: Origins, Clinique and one you may not have heard of: Erno Laszlo. I like Cliniques facial bar for oily skin--I have found that facial bars seem to work better than regular facial gel cleansers. I use Erno Laslo and love it. It is pretty expensive, so I just buy it on ebay. They do have a website www.ernolaszlo.com Another less expensive solution are the Neutrogena products. They are awesome quality at a good price!
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Rina Rina
I am an esthetician and I love Jan Marini Glycolic cleanser for oily skin. Aprox $25.00 for a 3-4 month supply but you have to buy it from an esthetician who sells Jan Marini in your area. Its a great bargain and will really tame the oily feeling.
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Miranda Miranda
My mother puts avocado on her face like a face mask. She is 52 and looks 10 years younger. Try this because she also has or had oily skin. Either way remember that you are beautiful and the beauty is only skin deep.
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Lily Lily
... any glycerin soap "neutral" as a cleanser if you got an oily skin you shouldn't use any powder or they might clog the pores ... just keep good hygiene .
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Kaila Kaila
Ponds would work with oily skin. for powder i would use max factor or Avon makeup that works good to.
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Gweneth Gweneth
You can use liquid antibacterial hand soap to remove the oil off of your face. The news just did a story on dirty cell phones carrying acne causing germs, so be sure to keep it clean.
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Dina Dina
well,try fresh milk to clean your face two times a day. then banana and egg yolk mix it for facial mask it works for me so i hope you too.
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Dina Originally Answered: can I use my facial cleanser for removing make up?
Cleanser literally cleanses/washes your skin... it wipes away all your makeup, dirt, and oil that gather over the course of the day, so yes you should be using it, it's essential for healthy skin. and you can use it on its own, although it's good to use toner with your cleanser, after you cleanse, because it wipes away any dirt the cleanser missed and balances your skin's pH. Use your cleanser twice a day, once in the morning before you apply makeup by using water and a clean washcloth, there will be directions on the back as well if you're confused, and then use again at night because you should never fall asleep with makeup on.

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