I just bought my first Bowling shoes?

I just bought my first Bowling shoes? Topic: I just bought my first Bowling shoes?
June 27, 2019 / By Edwin
Question: i just bought my first bowling shoes last 2 days..i don't know this but are bowling shoes designed to be slippery on its surface? i mean my shoes doesn't grip firmly on the surface that i almost fell the moment i try to throw the bowling ball..hhmmmm, any idea how to make my shoes grip more firmly so i don't feel like falling down each time i bowl?
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Canan Canan | 9 days ago
You're supposed to slide on your opposite (left foot if you bowl right-handed) foot when you're releasing the bowling ball to reduce the chances of knee injury and keep a steady posture at the foul line. Practice sliding on one foot. Bend your knee, and extend your non-bowling arm and other leg out to keep your balance. Find a way that works for you. If you still need to get more traction, then wire-brush it side-to-side. If you need more slide, brush it front-to-back and wipe it smooth (no liquids!). If you watch the pros on TV, they have different footwork techniques. A few of them "plant and pull", that is, don't slide (go on Youtube and check out Ryan Shafer and Jess Stayrook for examples of plant and pull bowlers, and, for a picture-perfect form, watch Chris Barnes and Parker Bohn III), and while it may work for some people it's discouraged for the vast majority.
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Canan Originally Answered: Why do you have to use bowling shoes when you bowl?
1. The surface of the bowling shoe is designed to glide on the surface of the bowling alley. "Street shoes" may mar the alley surface, not slide as well, slide too much, or any combination of those. It is best for your safety and the equipment of the bowling establishment that you use the proper footwear.

Alik Alik
The basic shoe fitting standards apply to bowling shoes as well as regular shoes. The shoe should fit with a half of a thumbs width at the end by the toes. The width should not be too tight or too loose, either can cause a problem. When the shoe is on the foot and tied you should get a slight wrinkle in the leather when the thumb is run across the widest part of the foot (ball of the foot) left to right. The heel of the shoe should not slip up and down as you walk. There are fit accessories to help with this problem but it is best to initially try to find a shoe that fits better from the beginning. This may mean that you have to try a different brand, width or style of shoe.
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Tanzy Tanzy
I always understood bowling shoes were meant to be a little slippery so you slide when releasing the bowl(otherwise you will fall flat on your face). Are these shoes a good make?
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Rimon Rimon
i bought my bowling shoes at wal-mart for 20-30 bucks, u can also get them for about the same price, if the bowling alley near your house has a shop in it, most of them do
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Rimon Originally Answered: Buying bowling shoes.?
Good question, Jay, I got my shoes from the Bowling alley store, so I tried them on to be sure. So, just for you, I checked and in my regular shoe, I'm a 10 and my bowling shoes are also a 10. They are Dexter shoes, made in China. Unfortunately, I would think that different manufacturers might size differently. Too bad you can't use that discount card at a store that you can try them on, first. How about going to a store and trying on some and then order the same from the Online store? GOOD luck and may the pins be with you. ;+)

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