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May 26, 2019 / By Edun
Question: well.my one friend is constipated haha and i gave her this stuff to make her poop and she still didnt.what shuld i do to make her poop
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Campion Campion | 7 days ago
My personal advice : drink warm/hot water before she visits the loo. People don't like talking about their bowels with others and constipation can be a taboo subject for many sufferers. But it needn't be. Constipation is extremely common and your GP, practice nurse or pharmacist will be used to dealing with patients who are having difficulty with their bowels on a daily basis - it's just part of the job for them - so please don't let your embarrassment deter you from seeking help. Most people will seek advice from their pharmacist before coming to see their doctor and this can be tricky - discussing your bowel actions with a pharmacist in front of a crowded shop is embarrassing! Fortunately a growing number of pharmacies, particularly the large chains, are now setting aside consulting areas where you can discuss your problem with the pharmacist. Just ask if you can have a private word with the pharmacist. Should I see my doctor? Around 3 out of 4 people with constipation never see, or need to see, their doctor and decades of use have shown that self-treatment with over-thecounter constipation remedies is both suitable, gentle and effective. That said, there are some cases that may benefit from medical input and the following groups should seek advice from their GP: Men and women over 50 where the constipation is a new problem and where it has been going on for more than a month - a change of bowel habit like this can be a sign of underlying bowel problems that may warrant further investigation. In most cases it will be absolutely nothing to worry about, but better safe than sorry. Anyone with a strong family history of bowel cancer (a sibling, or parent who has had the condition) who has developed constipation recently and where it has lasted for more than a month. All children - constipation is common in children, particularly the under fives, but there is more to treatment than dietary advice and laxatives. Children often get stuck into a cycle of constipation and it is best to seek the advice of a GP about how to encourage your child to have a regular bowel habit. Anyone whose constipation is accompanied by discomfort (tummy pains) or rectal bleeding (any blood loss from your back passage). What about dietary measures? Assuming that you don't fit into any of the above groups, your first priority should be to take a careful look at your diet. Try and increase your fibre intake to 30 grams a day (nearly twice the recommended daily intake). Your practice nurse may be able to provide you with a leaflet detailing the fibre content of common foods but as a rough rule of thumb you should increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables (leaving the skin on where possible), switch from white bread to high fibre wholemeal types, and eat a portion of high fibre cereal (bran based) every morning. Children under 16 should aim for around 20 grams a day (baked beans are an excellent source of fibre - there is as much as 5 grams in a good serving). High fibre diets can sometimes aggravate constipation, particularly in the elderly, and if this happens you should seek medical advice. The other useful, and often forgotten, self-help measure is to drink plenty of fluid. If you become dehydrated your body will take excess fluid from the bowel making your stools firmer, harder and more difficult to pass. Aim for an intake for at least 2 litres a day - any type of drink, including tea and coffee, will count towards this total.
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Campion Originally Answered: how much for constipation?
Hello! I did not give my son any juice @ 3 1/2 months but when he was a few months older he had some problems and the doctor told me it was ok to do 1 oz of juice and 1 oz of water mixed. The doctor also said that usually 2 oz of this mix at a time was enough but to use 100% prune juice not the mix stuff. However that is just what my sons doctor said-if you really think your child is suffering from this it might be best to just talk to your doctor (if you havent already) because they may tell you differently or there may be other feeding options for your baby. I know my son had to start soy formula and when I was nursing I had to change my diet to help him. Hope this helps & that your little one feels better soon.

Alic Alic
First off what did you give her for a Bowel Movement (BM)? If it was an over the counter medication such as correctal & she took the recommended dosage and is still constipated she may want to seek medical advice. Does she feel bloated and uncomfortable or just didn't have a BM when she normally thinks her body should have? Some people are obsessed w/ having BM on a regular schedule but some people's bodies are not this way. Alot can add to constipation, stress, anxiety, bowel obstruction, etc... I would need more details to give an educated answer
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Tanner Tanner
A cup of espresso and a cigarette I even have heard of a BigMac doing the job - I actually does not advise the eating of plastic for therapeutic nevertheless. As you're on the alternative drugs web site i might advise only a organic wholefood alongside with CHIA SEEDS aka chuffed seeds. they are jam complete of fibre, help with melancholy, short interest span, coronary heart dis-ease, they are an anti inflammatory, lowers severe blood tension, large for diabetes, thins the blood - actually it may well be extra straightforward to checklist what they don't do. hint; If the nutrition will not be able to turn undesirable - that's undesirable for you. "whilst weight-help plan is incorrect, drugs is of no use. whilst weight-help plan is genuine, drugs is of no want" An historical Ayuverdic proverb.
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Rika Rika
your 'friend'. Ok.. First off you should eat healthy, many green vegetables, also products that are high in fiber. Also you can buy fiber caplets, wafers (which taste actually quite good) and powder that will naturally ease your bowels. If you want a more immediete route, you can take a saline laxative, such as milk of magnesia which will work in about 2-3 hours. If you're looking for immediete relief, go get an enema at the drug store.
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Mira Mira
Well, what did you give her? If it was medication, then don't give her anything else chemical. Wait awhile. If it doesn't work, have her try hot prune juice or apple juice, follow with a full glass of water, and then try yoga or sit ups. Anything more harsh could give her diarrhea. Good luck.
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Lillian Lillian
be careful not to give her to many stimulants she can get lots of cramps.. the best way is to take a natural laxative and let it take it's course. caster oil is terrible but it can also work.
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Lillian Originally Answered: What should i eat for constipation?
Fruits, vegetables and very important Plenty of water. If you still have problems, try using a glycerin suppository since you (like me) don't like taking laxative pills. Best of luck to you. Bill

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