What is your #1 UPSET SPECIAL in the bowl games?

What is your #1 UPSET SPECIAL in the bowl games? Topic: What is your #1 UPSET SPECIAL in the bowl games?
May 26, 2019 / By Eber
Question: Everyone go out on a limb here and tell me the best hidden gem of an upset out of all 34 games......... and give a good reason for your pick - not just cus your a fan and like the team:( and know what makes a good upset....OK over FLA is NOT considered an UPSET SPECIAL...lol
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Cal Cal | 7 days ago
I'm not picking upsets but I will list 4 suprises - Florida over OU is not much of an upset pick, but I think the ease in which they'll win might suprise some people. Florida will score on OU at will and they have a defense that can slow Bradford down. OU hasn't faced such a strong D all year. Florida by 2 TD's min. and probably more like 3. Ohio St will squeak by Texas. Again not much of an upset, unless you are one of the people who believe Texas will blow out Ohio St. Like OU, Texas hasn't faced such a strong D all year and, I think, in the 4th quarter Texas' lack of a running game will be costly in a close loss to the Buckeyes. Alabama/Utah - Bama will win, but don't expect a Hawaii style blowout. This will be a close and entertaining game. Penn St./USC - It doesn't seem as if Penn St. is getting their due as one of the best teams in the country. Again, I'm not picking an upset. I think USC will win, but this is gonna be a knockdown, dragout slugfest between two teams who might be the best in the country (playoffs... alas we'll never know). This will be far from the blowout some people have predicted. Aside from the Orange Bowl, the BCS games figure to be very entertaining. Can't wait!
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Cal Originally Answered: Who do you think would win these bowl games?
First of all I hate these bowl games with these sponsors added to them. I mean let's call the Rose Bowl the Rose Bowl for goodness sake! Here are my picks: OSU beats USC in the rematch Texas beats pitt Ga Tech outscores Boise St Florida outlasts TCU.

Alf Alf
utah over bama texas is too tough to lose to the buckeyes who are only so high because of the weakness of other teams their record is inflated by the weak competition in the big 10 although thier two loses are to quality teams Utah has something to prove and everyones overlooking them plus alabama is coming off a loss and probably wont be as motivated to play hard
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Tamika Tamika
Utah over Bama No one is giving the Utes the time of day in this game, and they are one of the true teams that have a legit reason to say that they should have been in the championship game.... Utah 31, Bama 17
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Rhianna Rhianna
TCU over Boise State 35-28 Boise State played no one this season. TCU played tough against Utah and should have won.
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Milisent Milisent
Ohio State over Texas... Texas doesn't care about this game, and they can't get over that OKLAHOMA got to the national championship, and they are poor losers. Go OU! GO SOONERS! Oh, and yeah, it's obvious OU will rack up another 60+ against FL... while florida will struggle to score maybe 7 if they are lucky. I say OU 70- FL 7
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Licia Licia
I don't even know what to tell you, because this year's bowl matchups suck. There aren't going to be many exciting games and there shouldn't be many upsets.
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Licia Originally Answered: your top 5 best bowl games?
1. FSU 18 Nebraska 16 94 Orange Bowl 2. Michigan Washington 93 Rose Bowl 3. Nebraska 24 Miami 17 95 Orange Bowl 4. Iowa 30 LSU 25 05 Capitol One Bowl 5. Ohio State Miami 03 Rose Bowl

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