Better to eat protein or carbohydrates first?

Better to eat protein or carbohydrates first? Topic: Better to eat protein or carbohydrates first?
May 26, 2019 / By Ebby
Question: I am currently experimenting with my diet, mainly trying to put on some weight and fine tune my intake to get the maximum benefit from the things I eat. I am currently trying a diet consisting of lots of small meals, like large snacks. I want to eat the food groups separate from each other, as when I eat a meal consisting of many things (fats protein carbohydrates fiber) I often feel I don't digest it well. First thing I eat in the morning is some fruit, I have been told (and believe through experience) that fruit is a good start, easy on the stomach. Then after an hour or so i'm ready to eat something else, what I'd like to know is would some protein (in the form of some fish, or some boiled eggs) be good now, or some carbohydrates (oats wheat rice flakes with hot water to soften). Since I am currently traveling In India and I'm not working I can eat at my leisure, so I don't need to assign times to a meal, I simply graze like a cow. Any other information from informed individuals will be lovely. THANK YOU!!!! xx
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Cainan Cainan | 5 days ago
you should have a combination of both carbs and proteins... the carbs will preserve your protein for growth and repair.. and the protein willl release the carbs for energy more gradually.... makigng for steadier energy and blood sugar
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Cainan Originally Answered: pleaseee! Help me find a soy protein weight gainer or a high calorie soy protein meal replacement.?
are you alergic to ALL whe proten or just that which has been warm processed? if that is the case I recommend IsaPro from Isagenix. It has Whey protein concentrate that is undenatured - meaning low/no heat processing to keep all the good stuff in it. Send me an e-mail and I woll get you additional details (when I try to put in the link I get a security error - not sure why)
Cainan Originally Answered: pleaseee! Help me find a soy protein weight gainer or a high calorie soy protein meal replacement.?
Muscle mass melts away more calories, so include three 20-minute strength-training sessions every week.

Alerick Alerick
I doubt it makes much of a difference. Protein does get broken down slower than most carbs so I'll say carbs first so you get hungry and then take in the protein. Eggs contain more fat than protein so it's not an ideal protein choice than meats.
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Tami Tami
Carbs are good before your workout. If you workout early morning then you could eat your carbs the night before. But if you are looking to build muscle you want to have your protien after your workout, preferably within 20 to 30 minutes after your workout.
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Tami Originally Answered: What is the difference between weight loosing protein and body building protein?
Yes it can be true.... When you consume more calories than your body can burn in a day you gain weight(usually in fat). Here is the break down of macros for you 1g protein has 4 calories 1g carbohydrates has 4 calories 1g fat has 9 calories And even though it's not a nutrient alcohol has 7 calories. Also worth mentioning is protein is usually not stored as fat. The body will almost always use it rebuild tissues such as organs and muscles(body is constanlty breakdown and proteins are required to repair). However protein still contains a caloric energy value of 4 per a gram. So yes if you consume too many calories in Whey you can gain weight. ' Also not all weight is fat. Muscles, organs, fluids all weight something in the body and the composition of these change often so don't get to hung up on scale numbers. Famales for example retain a lot of fluids and when not dropping go nuts thinking they are not losing fat when they are.

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