Lightheaded, Nausea, from Raw food diet?

Lightheaded, Nausea, from Raw food diet? Topic: Lightheaded, Nausea, from Raw food diet?
May 26, 2019 / By Easter
Question: I recently started eating more raw food to clean out my body, etc. But it has made me so constipated! Is this normal for a radical change in diet? I am also lightheaded and can barely move...I'm sure it is because I'm backed up (lol) At this point should I take a laxative? or just wait it out? How can I prevent this from happening..(Im thinking digestive enzymes..etc) I need a little help from someone who is more knowledged than me in this field. THanks! I did not go to a strict raw diet. I am just trying to incorporate more raw meals..or sides...into my daily diet. For example I had chicken amd a side dish of marinated raw zucchini and mushrooms
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Cadence Cadence | 2 days ago
Hi there! This sounds completely normal and congrats! It means you're detoxifying! When you begin to incorporate more raw foods into your diet, the extra fiber works hard to cleanse your intestines and colon of any impacted debris and feces from years and years ago. This may result in some temporary constipation, as the extra debris that is being pushed through, combined with the extra fiber, requires more water to flush out your colon. Start your day with at least 32 ounces of room-temperature water and the juice of a fresh squeezed lemon. Drink more water if you can. This will help flush your empty stomach and intestines to prepare for eating as well as induce a bowel movement within a few minutes. If you find that you're still constipated after drinking more water, go for a little jog--cardio vascular exercise can move things along pretty quickly. Additionally, look for natural herbal laxatives instead of the harsh, chemical laxatives found over the counter. Look for herbal teas that contain senna or dandelion. Limit to one or two cups per day for no more than three consecutive days. The lightheadedness and nausea is a result of the detoxification. After you become regular again, these symptoms should decrease. There's a wonderful series of articles on http://www.rawpeople.com that detail what you can expect when going raw in terms of detoxification and what you can do to decrease your symptoms. Best of luck!
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Cadence Originally Answered: Someone please help me get rid of my constant nausea?
Stop what you're doing! The diet you are on is a fad diet. It will make you lose weight for the time you do it but it will pack right back on when you quit. Get on a plan that allows you to eat real food. A balanced diet to give you a diverse array of nutrients, from varied sources. Try ginger tea for the nausea.

Aleck Aleck
I would get a second opinion from another spine specialist if you didn't want her to have surgery. Raw foods,nutrition and even herbs have helped many people,but when someone needs surgery the best you can do is have a second or third opinion from other specialists. Only other option is to research exactly her diagnosis and look to find case studies of people cured without surgery through a new doctor's treatment. Sometimes there will be a doctor who has a breakthrough treatment that avoids surgery. In any road you take I would be sure to use a reputable doctor.
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Tameka Tameka
Did you ever tested out Eating for Energy (120 raw food diet recipes) program? Check out at this place : http://www.StayEatingRaw.com/Guide . It could obviously explain everybody!
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Rexana Rexana
Are you still getting fiber in your diet? (celery, carros, apples will do it) Don't eat too many bananas, which are constipating. You're probably light-headed and nauseous because it's an unhealthy diet - have you been without PROTEIN and carbs the entire time???? It's best to just eat a consistent, balanced diet all the time, so you don't resort to these whacked-out ideas and get sick. If you start taking laxatives or enzymes, then you're just adding artificial stuff back into your body - so the cleansing process was a waste of time anyways.
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Mikki Mikki
Yes, this is definitely normal... its a huge shock to your body. I would take a laxative and be sure to drink TONS of water... seriously, TONS of water and that should help to flush things out. As far as preventing it, there's really not much you can do except wait till your body adjusts to the drastic change. good luck and hope you feel better soon :)
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Mikki Originally Answered: nausea after eating?
Same symptoms can arise from stress, illness, medications, extreme weight loss or gain, overexercising or dehydration, and other factors, so not always necessarily a pregnancy. It is also not uncommon to miss one or two periods a year and experience double the bleeding in the following month. But make sure you get on some prenatal vitamins in case, they won't hurt, and get rest and take care of yourself. It doesn't sound like you tested too soon. I would try again and make sure to use early morning urine if you are still unsure. Otherwise wait to see if you miss the next period or have a blood test done.

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