What would your dream house have?

What would your dream house have? Topic: What would your dream house have?
June 27, 2019 / By Eade
Question: Okay this question is just for fun: make a list of all the rooms your dream house would have. Mine is: Grand Foyer Bathroom Coat Check-In Laundry Room Kitchen Dining Hall Great Hall Family Room Sitting Room Music Room Art Room Arcade/Bowling Alley Workout Room Small Ice Skating Rink Yoga/Dance Studio Movie Theatre Library Study Room Snack Room Guest Suites Master Suite Nursery Suite Did I forget any?!
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Buz Buz | 6 days ago
Grand Foyer - with a bar and a bartender Bathroom - a spa Coat Check-In - of course Laundry Room - yes it would be huge Kitchen - that would be huge as well, top of the line everything! Dining Hall - yes, a long table where everyone can sit and enjoy a meal, Great Hall - not sure what this would be for, maybe for parties, Family Room - sure, Sitting Room - no, i hope i won't be doing much sitting, i'll be keeping fit, Music Room - of course, my own recording studio in my house, Art Room - yep, Arcade/Bowling Alley - yes, videogames and lots of fun stuff Workout Room - it's a must ! Small Ice Skating Rink - nah, not really, Yoga/Dance Studio - yes, my wife would love that Movie Theatre - of course, this would be right in the center of the house, Library - yep, with all the best books Study Room - this would be the same as the library, Snack Room - this would be in the kitchen, Guest Suites - yep, everyone would love visiting me, Master Suite - yep, it would be my quiet room / man cave. Nursery Suite - ok sure, why not !
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Buz Originally Answered: what does it mean when a dream is this vivid?
Your brain is very much a holographic computer and you can program this biological computer to perform certain functions. This is how you master Out Of Body lucid dreaming. An out of body lucid dream is when you feel as though you're actually PHYSICALLY THERE IN YOUR DREAM. When you lie down to go to sleep, close your eyes and try to imagine a nice place where you'd really like to be. Try to imagine that you're really there PHYSICALLY. Now while you're imagining all of this, repeat 100 times an affirmation like, "I NOW HAVE A FULLY CONSCIOUS OUT OF BODY LUCID DREAM." Make sure that you do this mental exercise every single time you lie down to go to sleep, seven days a week. Make sure that you don't think about anything except the affirmation that you're repeating along with the visualization. You must remember this rule because if you have anything else on your mind before you fall asleep or IT WON'T WORK. Within one month your dreams will become increasingly more and more lucid. Within seven to twelve months, you'll be a master lucid dreamer......that's what the master lucid dreamers tell us. If the above technique for some strange reason doesn't help you (cant' imagine why) then you can use the "brow chakra" or "third eye chakra" technique. Before you fall asleep, focus your attention just between and slightly above your eyebrows. In the center of your eyebrows is a chakra/organic valve that you cant see with your physical eyes. This chakra-organic valve energy center can be tapped into and used to induce fully conscious lucid dreams. Imagine this energy center being about the same diameter of a dime or nickle. Now imagine a deep glowing purple or amethyst coming from it. Now begin repeating the affirmation (100x) "I NOW HAVE A FULLY CONSCIOUS OUT OF BODY LUCID DREAM. You must remember to do this mental exercise every single day for at least a month until you actually begin to notice any results, and continue to practice month after month until you MASTER the ability. Once you master this ability, you won't have to struggle so hard to have lucid dreams as they will just come naturally to you. Most people don't have the patience to learn this sort of thing. Here is a link to show you were your "brow chakra" is: http://www.yogapostureadjustments.com/newsite2006/images/7chakras.jpg Lucid Dreaming can in fact be used as a very powerful mental laboratory. People have learned to heal themselves in a lucid dream and expand their intelligence as well as change their GENES. People who have mastered Lucid Dreaming claim that such things can be accomplished. You can in fact have lucid dreams in which case you feel certain that you're actually physically there. I promise you that it will feel so real to you and that you will have so much control over your dream, that it will frighten you with excitement. You'll wake up the next day feeling very THRILLED at what you've accomplished. You can learn to do all kinds of far out things in your lucid dreams. You can gain more control over the cells and organs in your body and totally heal yourself. You can learn to freeze time in your lucid dreams and stay inside your dream for very long periods of time. To give you an idea of how REAL kind of dream is, then let me ask you a question. How do you know that you're not really sound asleep right now at this very moment? Are you really sitting in front of your computer reading all of this data? How do you know that you're not really dreaming all of this? This is how real OOBLD (Out Of Body Lucid Dreaming) really is. Its very important that you NEVER smoke marijuana or drink alcoholic beverages when doing this mental exercise. This also includes mind altering pharmaceutical drugs. Stay away from all of these things or you will FAIL. Make sure that you remember not to think of anything else while doing this mental exercise before you fall asleep or you will FAIL. Soon, I myself will be a master Lucid Dreamer. You can use lucid dreaming to entrain yourself to learn other things. You can enhance your intelligence through lucid dreaming. If everyone could learn lucid dreaming, then we'd be living in a much better world, like this one......http://www.thevenusproject.com I hope this info that I've given you will help you, take care! http://www.faqs.org/faqs/dreams-faq/lucid-dreaming-faq/
Buz Originally Answered: what does it mean when a dream is this vivid?
I have had the exact thing happen to me several times. I dream of liking someone or being in love with them, when really I barley know them! But then a few weeks later I start liking them. It's very strange, but it's probably just a coincidence, nothing to worry about.

Aldrich Aldrich
My house would have at least 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a large living room, a game room, a room with a swimming pool and hot tub, large kitchen, and a formal dining room.
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Taletta Taletta
I would have an underground roller rink going through subterranean caves. And there would be a bed in every room.
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Taletta Originally Answered: i had a dream that my boyfriend died, what does that mean?
the only person that can really answer this question is yourself because everything in your dream symbolizes parts of your life, so you don't have to worry about any flesh-eating disease that your boyfriend may have.are you close to his sister? getting a call from his sister means that you two are probably really close and can talk about a lot of things to each other.your boyfriend dying of a flesh-eating disease,flesh is related to blood and blood is what keeps us alive.our blood symbolizes how strong or weak we are so to dream of flesh probably means that you are facing a difficult time with your boyfriend right now.for your boyfriend to die means that something has changed about him,possibly his attitude or a huge problem in his life,or it could mean the way your attitude has changed towards him.so this is what your dream means:your boyfriend's sister is concerned about the relationship you have with your boyfriend at the moment and you are feeling really concerned about him because he is currently facing a difficult time in his life. my answer is based on what i have learned in figuring out dream meanings and dream dictionaries i have read.dream dictionaries may not be very accurate but like i said earlier, only you can really figure out what your dream really means. hope this helps! :)

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