can lack of fiber be causing me to switch between constipation & diahrea?

can lack of fiber be causing me to switch between constipation & diahrea? Topic: can lack of fiber be causing me to switch between constipation & diahrea?
October 19, 2019 / By Dyl
Question: I don't mean to sound gross and I don't want to beat around the bush so I'll be blunt. I've had this problem the last couple months, I switch between constipation & diarrhea. When i get constipation its usually small and really hard but sometimes it's normal sized and other times it will switch to diarrhea, this can happen in the same day but I wouldn't say that I go to the bathroom a lot. I don't eat much if any fiber and I eat a lot of cheese, and don't drink much water.........could lack of fiber and water be causing this? im worried its something serious. Thanks for any help.
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Best Answers: can lack of fiber be causing me to switch between constipation & diahrea?

Burton Burton | 3 days ago
Yes, it could. A high fiber diet is recommended for good bowel health. It improves bowel transit and regularity of movement. So improve your diet, drink more water and I would expect your symptoms to improve.
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Burton Originally Answered: is too much food causing my baby constipation?
Rice cereal is unecessary and nutritionally deficient. She doesn't need it one bit. Up until at least 12 months all solids should be complementary, meaning they should never take place of a breastmilk feeding. Nurse first always, and then offer solids if she wants them. Breastmilk is the best cure for constipation right now. You may want to cut down on the solids and nurse more. An exclusively breastfed infant will almost never be constipated, so you can play the elimination game, until she's only on your milk. A breastfed baby does not need water even if solids have been introduced. For starters, solids are only complementary until at least 12 months, so they are only in meager portions, and breastmilk is mostly water, and is a sufficient fluid source.
Burton Originally Answered: is too much food causing my baby constipation?
Many babies at this stage get constipated. Check the doc if you feel uncomfortable. You can try to puree some pumpkin too. Also, when my first child suffered constipation at 9 months we gave him a bit of grape juice to soften the stool. The doctor also gave him a suppository once or twice but he was fine. It just hurts their bellies so they bawl like there is no tomorrow. Nice that you are still breastfeeding. I think the meals are adequate though. Just try to perhaps give her more water than juice. If the constipation is too frequent (i.e. she has no bowel movement for more than 3 days) you have to check the doc.

Aldon Aldon
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Tabby Tabby
It sounds more like you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It causes bloating, discomfort and alternating diarrhea and constipation. You really need to see your doctor about this. Good Luck!
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Tabby Originally Answered: A question about fiber and constipation.?
drink lots of water. as a last resort you can take temporarily laxatives. but before that maybe try to add some olive oil on your food as it does help with constipation. also certain vegetables might help. medics say: common causes of constipation: Insufficient fiber in the diet. Dehydration. Not getting enough exercise. Lifestyle factors, including taking certain medications, pregnancy, travel or aging. Not acting on the urge to produce a bowel movement. Having conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, a blockage of the colon or rectum, or certain systemic diseases

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