For Breast feeding moms? Has anyone ever used reglan and how did it work?

For Breast feeding moms? Has anyone ever used reglan and how did it work? Topic: For Breast feeding moms? Has anyone ever used reglan and how did it work?
October 19, 2019 / By Dwayne
Question: I have aq friednd who wants to use it to boost supply but I heard it had side effect but worked good . I need some input I meant a friend :)
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Best Answers: For Breast feeding moms? Has anyone ever used reglan and how did it work?

Buddy Buddy | 10 days ago
It worked for me, but yes watch out for the side effects. One of the major side effects is depression. I believe I had a little PPD before starting the reglan, but it definitely made it 10 times worse. I wanted to breastfeed bad enough that I worked through it, but it was hard. Has she tried fenugreek, blessed/milk thistle, mothers milk tea, or oatmeal (not the instant kind) yet? She may want to look into trying these before trying the reglan. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't, but a lot of nursing mothers and lactation consultants swear by them.
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Buddy Originally Answered: Weight loss after baby? Breast feeding v.s. formula feeding?
I have always had to work hard to keep my weight down and always got to my slimmest weight and could never get any lower. It was like hitting a brick wall, no matter how much exercise or dieting I did I couldnt get any lower so i just decided that was my natural body weight and it wasnt worth trying to get below it. Now I have a 4 1/2 month old baby (breastfed) and everyone has been telling me how slim I look so I jumped on the scales last week and I couldnt believe it, I have smashed through the brick wall and got my weight down to the lowest its ever been. The crazy thing is that I havent been doing any exercise (other than the usual active mum stuff) and have been eating whatever I fancy as I am always so hungry! I never used to believe that breastfeeding would make that much difference but I definitely believe it now! The first load of weight will come off really quick regardless of how you feed your baby as you have a lot of water to lose. Once that inital weight loss slows down then its down to yourself to shift it but I chose not to worry about it. Luckily enough I didnt need to - beastfeeding all the way!!!
Buddy Originally Answered: Weight loss after baby? Breast feeding v.s. formula feeding?
Breast feeding really does help! Just not everyone. It depends on your body type. My mother didn't give me that gene. It worked for her all 7 times... Like A Charm.... worked for my BFF... not me. Now breast milk is better for so many reasons. It can be uncomfortable and even painful for some moms. The bottom like If you don't have any discomforts do it! If it's painful and you can take the pain it's worth every second. If you can't handle the pain then don't beat yourself up over it. Give your baby formula or do half and half till you decide to quit. Either way won't make a better or worse mom. You'll be the best You Can Be For Your Baby. That's all your Baby Wants From You. Now back to the how long to loose baby weight question.... It varies per person, age, activity level, general health and life circumstances like stressful events etc... When I had my first two I was 17 and 21. I was back in to my clothes at 2-3 months and kept it off. With my third and fourth children I was 27 and 31 so I was about 20 lbs heavier to start and then after the baby I was even bigger. Bad news my metabolism had slowed down as well as my life style and with sleep deprivation I only gained even more..... so there's no magic formula for the weight loss. Good old fashioned, sleep, rest, good eating habits and exercising or doing some sort of activities on regular basis.... like hiking, sports (any), running or walking, etc.

Aldin Aldin
I'm on Reglan. It makes me very tired. I can sleep for 10 hours and wake up and feel exhausted. I feel like I'm pregnant again!!!! Also, it makes me very dizzy. I'm not dizzy all the time but sometimes when I get I out of bed, it will hit me. Reglan has been a blessing though. It really worked to increase my milk supply. It's worth all the dizzy spells and tiredness!
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Sylvia Sylvia
First, she needs to work with a lactation consultant to make sure she actually has a low supply. I bet she doesn't. It's a very common misconception. If her baby is pooping and gaining, her supply is FINE. I promise.
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Sylvia Originally Answered: How can I start breast feeding if I have no breastmilk?
Congratulations on your twins! I completely understand what you are going through. I needed to pump my breastmilk while my 35week gestation son was in the NICU for 3 weeks. However for the first 4 days I would only get 1-2 drops of colostrum after 20 minutes of pumping! It may not seem like a lot, but give that colostrum that you are getting to the nurses; even a little bit will help. My milk took about 5 days before it came in. And it was a week before I felt like I was actually getting a respectable amount. You really need a more powerful pump than a manual one. Especially as you are getting your milk supply started. With as much as you will be pumping you need a powerful one. A manual one will take you about an hour to get out of one breast what you can in 10 minutes with a hospital grade one. Plus you can pump both breasts at the same time. Ask the NICU nurses or the hospital's lactation consultant where you can rent one today! Also sometimes your insurance will pay for the pump rental while your twins are in the hospital if you get a prescription for it from their pediatrician or neonatalogist. To bring in your milk by pumping, you have to pump at least 8-12 times a day for 10-20 minutes (this means waking up in the middle of the night.) I know it seems like a lot, but it can be harder to stimulate the milk supply when pumping and not breastfeeding. It is important to drink a ton of water. Also I found that taking fenugreek capsules and blessed thistle (not milk thistle) from health food stores helped to increase my supply once the milk started flowing. Please don't get discouraged. It is difficult enough to breastfeed and then when you add having your dear babies in the NICU it is even more frustrating. Just know that even if you aren't able to produce what you think is a lot of milk that even little amounts will help your little babies. Good luck!

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