What are some old remedies to help constipation?

What are some old remedies to help constipation? Topic: What are some old remedies to help constipation?
June 27, 2019 / By Dwane
Question: What kind of remedies are there now, and in the past to help constipation?? I want to know because i don't want to use medication since people can be dependent on them. I want to know about remedies used in the past because i'm interested in how people got over these things 40 or 50 years ago (i'm weird i know). Thank you for your answers.
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Bud Bud | 9 days ago
Gotta go along with those who suggest an enema as the best solution. As one who was born in the '40's, my mom used enemas as the cure for constipation but not as "a cure for any ailment". I got them as a kid and continue to use them today when the need arises. A frequent substitute for an enema was, and still is, a glycerin suppository for less severe bouts of constipation.
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Bud Originally Answered: Natural remedies for constipation relief?
I would any foods that are high in fibre. Breakfast cereals that contain Bran, lots of fruit and veg and nuts and seeds. You can also buy high fibre grains to mix into your food which should help. Make sure you're drinking enough water as well, as it helps with your digestion. Hopefully this will aid your constipation.

Aldford Aldford
I have had children with this problem as well, these are old timy remidies but seem to work for my children. first place the baby on your lap and with your fingers gently roll your fingers around on the childs belly this imitates peristolic action, also make sure the baby is getting enough fluid the old timy method of getting enough water was to mix 1 part salt,to three parts water and a little sweetner, this is the old way of making saline solution. next I would check to see is the baby on formula? if so maybe its the formula if the baby is on milk the baby may be lactose intolerant at any rate when push comes to shove and you will know because his little knees will draw up and he will show signs of pain constipation hurts! a glycerian suppoasitory will help relieve the child but the true aim is to keep his fecal matter soft. Look at what the childs diet contains and finally it may just be that your baby just has some type of food allergies. keep a record of what the baby eats and drinks for about a week so you can see what may be causing his problem. last but not least ,keep a good amount of fluid going into him and consult your doctor. hope this helps. also no ice! it's constipating and a warm compress or heating pad often feels good on a stomach in distress. hope this helps.
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Sylva Sylva
40 to 50 years ago to remedy for constipation was a soap suds enema. If fact that was damn near the cure for anything as they believed the bowels were the cause of many problems. The soap suds enema was made by putting a bar of Ivory Soap (99 and 94/100% pure) in a basin of water and swishing it around until the solution looked milky. In the 50s and early 60s, almost everyone used to have an enema bag hanging in the bathroom drying. Other than that it would occasionally be Milk of Magnesia (MOM) or castor oil; which was usually followed by "a good enema".
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Rebecka Rebecka
Believe it or not but my doctor still believes in using soap sud enemas for curing almost everything to rid the body of toxins. Fortunately, I’ve found other natural remedies that are less dehydrating and uncomfortable. Drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily prevents low fluid intake, which is a common cause of constipation. Eat lots of food rich in fiber such as carrots, greens, broccoli and papaya. Don’t eat foods that are high in protein or dairy and wheat-based when you’re constipated because it’ll add to the problem. Aloe Vera is a plant found everywhere probably because it’s used in treating many aliments, including constipation. Lime juice combined with hot water, figs or dates soaked overnight and powdered flax seed is used for treating and preventing constipation. And of course, good ole’ castor oil! You can find other natural remedies and cures for constipation in the article here: http://aboutwomenshealthissues.com/natural-home-remedies-to-cure-constipation/2010/ Remember that it’s also important that you exercise on a regular basis in addition to eating healthy and drinking plenty of fluids, especially if you have an enema. Hope that helps!
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Merry Merry
Just to clarify, enemas are safer for regular use than any oral laxative - because they don't irritate their way all along the intestine they're not "addictive" except maybe psychologically. But soap suds is best avoided except for extreme cases - it's stomach-cramping. Either cooled boiled water with a pinch of salt (for the electrolytes) or with about 1/3-of-a-bottle of liquid glycerin stirred into the water (if you're really full of s.h.i.t!)
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Letitia Letitia
Funny old time home remedy I read once was if you have constipation eat an apple (or apples) and if you have diarrhea eat apple sauce. Fiber I guess. Be sure when you eat the apple to drink plenty of water with it.
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Joy Joy
Senna Tea is great for constipation. It's readily available from natural health stores and even some groceries. More info here:
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Gertrude Gertrude
I agree with Pog, I was born in 1952 and they believed that an enema would cure everything from the common cold to bad breath. I know I had my share and still do, they work.
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Gertrude Originally Answered: What are some home remedies for constipation in infants?
I don't know how old your baby is or if you have introduced juices, yet. But, pear or prune juice works really well for constipation. Good luck. :)

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