808's & Heartbreak vs. All Eyez On Me?

808's & Heartbreak vs. All Eyez On Me? Topic: 808's & Heartbreak vs. All Eyez On Me?
June 27, 2019 / By Duncan
Question: I think we all know who wins here....... BQ: If someone has Tupac avatar do they automatically become knowledgeable? I thought The Blueprint was the hip hop's Bluerpint.... now you're saying KRS sucks?
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Bruno Bruno | 3 days ago
All Eyez On Me & Me Against the World= Blueprint to the greatest albums ever in rap _______________ F*ck no he dont suck. im saying Tupac did everything right in those two albums to make them what they are today. classics
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Bruno Originally Answered: All Eyez on Me vs. Ready to Die?
Lyrics/lyricism: Ready to Die Production: All Eyez on Me Subject Matter: Ready to Die Style: All Eyez on Me Creativity: Ready to Die Overall: RTD BQ: RTD is, and AEOM is maybe top 15

Alann Alann
All eyes on me was a dubble disc of greatness. U could pick 3 from each and make a small album an still not be able to touch it. Any1 picking 808s either wasn't alive back in da early 90s or thought q-tip was the thing to listen to back then. (not saying 808s sucked)
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Sybil Sybil
Recovery>All Eyez On Me & 808s Just Kidding Really All Eyez On Me>808s
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Reagan Reagan
C.U.N.T. ^ Buy. 808's > Nas' & The Roots Discographies BQ: Yea, because every mainstream rapper sucks, even tho tupac was mainstream.. [2]
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Reagan Originally Answered: Ok so, Life After Death or All Eyez On Me!?
Life After Death. All Eyez on Me has too much filler, and that gets annoying on a double album. It's still a good album but I prefer Life After Death AEOM = 8.5/10 LAD = 9.25/10

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