Why do stores even sell fish bowls like this ?

Why do stores even sell fish bowls like this ? Topic: Why do stores even sell fish bowls like this ?
June 27, 2019 / By Duane
Question: http://www.amazon.com/Aquablock-Fish-Tan... http://www.amazon.com/Penn-Plax-BBT3-Bet... http://www.amazon.com/KOLLER-CRAFT-Betta... They are way too small and result in a dead fish.
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Britton Britton | 4 days ago
Tommy made out okay in a one gallon tank, didn't he? This site ( http://www.better-bettas.com/a/lifespan-... ) says that the average lifespan of a betta is 3 years and also that they are adults (age 6 months to 1 year) before they are sold. This means that the average betta owner gets to enjoy their betta for about 2 years. SOME live as long as 5 years. Later on in the same site, they say that a 5-to-10 gallon tank is a much better idea, complete with a heater and filter. http://www.better-bettas.com/a/taking-ca... If you have a tiny bowl, they suggest frequent water changes - as frequent as once a day! That's a high-maintenance pet, if you ask me. Oh wait. You asked WHY they sell the small bowls? Bettas have live alone, right? If you like them and had to buy a 10 gallon aquarium setup for every betta, they wouldn't sell very many bettas, so I'm guessing that's why they do it. At the very least, they would do it so they can display them in the store in separate tanks and maybe it's just easier to sell them in the bowl and "assume" that the buyer knows well enough to transfer the fish to a larger tank.
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Britton Originally Answered: Does anyone know how pet stores keep their betta bowls so clear?
The store will put their hand over the top of the bowl, dump the old water out, quickly dip the bowl in a tank of *CYCLED* (in use, with fish!) water. Their fingers keep the betta from slipping out while they are doing the water changing. How do I know? I've done that thousands of time raising my own hundreds of Betta's and when I worked in several stores many years ago. You likely don't have a tank of cycled water to use, so you'll have to put your betta in a bigger tank. A bowl is not a good long term place for any fish. And you're right in that you don't want a filter on any betta tank or bowl. Betta's prefer slow moving, if any movement ast all, water.

Aidan Aidan
they are made specially for Betta fish Betta fish are from southwest asia they live in rice farms so they are used to small places
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Suse Suse
Because the general population is led by media to believe fish are stupid, that they don't need a lot of space and they don't live long anyway. Pet stores and the manufacturers take advantage of this and sell the small tanks, they sell a lot which equals a lot of money, and when the fish die the customers think that is just normal and go back and buy more fish. The cycle of dying fish and customers buying new fish earns the retailers a lot of money, and that's what it's all about for them, how much money they can earn ETA @Cerezitah, Though it is widespread belief that bettas can live long happy lives in no space at all, it's not true. These containors provide nothing that the betta needs to be healthy, they need space, they need a filter and they need a heater. Those containors do not provide that. http://www.associatedcontent.com/article... http://ezinearticles.com/?Betta-Fish-Car...
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Randi Randi
Actually, all these 'microtanks' are shown stocked with Siamese Fighters. These fish are tolerant of low oxygen levels and polluted water, and they don't get much bigger than shown, unlike goldfish which are usually inhibited from further growth by the size of small tanks. However, they probably do benefit from more swimming space and better water quality. Put simply, I would never put anything other than invertebrates or a Siamese Fighter in these microtanks, and definitely not goldfish. I'd probably never have one period, I don't think of pet fish as desktop accessories.
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Mercia Mercia
Hi stores sell those stupid bowls bcuz all they care about is money. Cos usually when a person goes 2 buy a fish they dont really do research so they just buy a bowl. NO! Most employee's dont care bout the fish but very rarely u get some ppl who do. I was very lucky when i went 2 go buy a goldfish i got some1 who was working there and they were in college studying marine biology so she knew all about the ammoni and nitrate ect ect. :) Hope this helped :)
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Mercia Originally Answered: How long do betta fish survive in bowls?
Don't get him unless you have the proper home right away. A bowl is for soup, not fish- they cannot live a healthy long life (sure, they can live but their quality of life is not as great as it would be if the fish had a proper home) in one. My impression of the issue is you do not have enough money to get everything you need. You need: -a 5 gal. tank with a filter -heater (25-50 watt if you get a 5 gallon) -lid (you NEED a lid- bettas jump) -light so you can see the fish (also a must if you get live plants) -silk (not plastic- they rip the bettas fins) or live plants -gravel -a cave (mine all love terra-cotta pots- they are super inexpensive too) -thermometer (NOT the sticker kind) -water conditioner to make tap water safe for your betta -2 NEW buckets - one for clean water, one for dirty water when you do water changes -a gravel vacuum/siphon to suck dirty water out of the tank (looks like a tube, you cant miss them) -suitable betta pellets (not flakes or freeze dried foods) - see below If this is the case, than wait until you do or ask your parents/family member to lend you the money and pay them back as soon as you can. Onto the subject of food: All of my bettas prefer pellets- and so do I as they are less messy than flaked food. Pellets are also less likely to cause constipation. Feed 3-4 pellets twice a day (once in the morning, once before bed). You need to get a food that is high in meat and free of artificial colours and stuff like that. The more meat/meat meals the better. Try to get one that has two+ meat ingredients before anything else.You should also feed frozen food (the stuff in a freezer - not to be confused with freeze dried foods) like bloodworms. Avoid freeze dried foods - main reason is that they cause constipation and you don't want that! Water temperature should be 78-80ºF. Use the siphon and buckets to clean the tank once weekly - take out no more than 2 gallons of water per water change. When you replace the water, use tap water and add the correct amount of water conditioner. Make sure that the new water is the same temperature as the water in the tank- you do not want to shock your fish with temperature changes. Gently, slowly pour the water into the tank. NEVER EVER use soap, it is deadly to your fish. Don't let any of his things even come near soap. When you wash your hands before putting them into the tank make sure to rinse and dry them well. Never use soap on anything - plain warm tap water works very well to rinse things off. To answer your main question, not long. Bowls are not suitable homes for bettas. Don't buy him unless you have a suitable tank - a 5 gallon and all of the necessary supplies that I listed above. Don't get him unless you have it all and it is set up and waiting for him at home.

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