help with preemie constipation?

help with preemie constipation? Topic: help with preemie constipation?
June 27, 2019 / By Driskoll
Question: My son was born at 26 weeks and 5 days. He was in the hospital for over 2 1/2 months. He is a few days from 12 weeks old and home. He is on vitamins with iorn and formula with iron. He hasn't had a good bowel movement in a week. Only time he has went was because I had done some rectal stimulation. I have tried the suppositories with no luck, also he gets an oz of pedialight a day. Today he got 3oz of apple juice. When he starts straining I hold his legs up or towards his chest. Nothing I do helps, he needs relief and gets none. Can someone help me? I was told by a nurse to give apple or pear juice.
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Briscoe Briscoe | 3 days ago
Talk to the doctor about whether he really needs to have the vitamins with iron when he is already on a formula with extra iron. Constipation is extremely common in preterm infants. His paediatrician could prescribe some lactulose for him, that would be better than giving him pedialyte or apple juice. 3oz apple juice is a lot for a baby who isn't even full term yet. Until you can talk to the doctor about prescribing some lactulose, either use suppositories or continue with the rectal stimulation (gently!). Giving him some cool boiled water would probably be more beneficial than fruit juice, but I would only give an ounce at a time.
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Briscoe Originally Answered: Can drinking soda cause constipation? Can constipation cause weight gain?
Yes and Yes. Soda has caffiene. Caffiene flushes the water out of your body(hence why you have to go all the time after coffee)- it basically dehydrates you and your body needs water to digest food properly and eliminate it- if it doesn't have enough, you will get constipated. Soda also has sodium (salt) in it, and that causes you to retain fluid in places that your body can't utilize it to help with waste elimination. Depending on your over-all diet and how much and how often you 'go', your large intestine- aka your colon- can hold pounds and pounds of waste. Ditch the soda and just drink water.

Aiah Aiah
Apple or pear juice are a good idea - so's white grape juice - and if he's just missed a day or was struggling hard, they might've solved the problem. But this is more serious - what you need now is to give him a baby-size mini-enema. Fleet Pedialax make a liquid glycerine one, and Micralax also make one. Or you can get a nose sucker and use it to inject soapy water (that's how they always used to do it in hospitals). All of the above are side-effect free, suitable for frequent use (if need be) and they work in about five minutes. Which is what he needs - by your own admission he hasn't done a good dooey in a week, so he needs urgent rapid relief!
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Susanne Susanne
My 28 week preemie could not take the iron because she already had constipation problems before we started that, she is on a daily dose of milk of magnesia and she is finally regular. Ask your Ped if you can give her some of that, it's perfectly harmless. Until then get the infant glycerin suppositories and give her half, put some Vaseline on the top of it and around the baby's rectum and she should be able to go. Apple and pear juice are loaded with sugar so it retracts water, which is what baby needs to go. Milk of magnesia draws water to baby's colon and they stay balanced. Definitely do the suppository, I get my baby's at Walgreens for a few bucks, I think the label is white and green. It's by the adult, it says infant and children on the label. I use a knife and cut it vertically in half.
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Randa Randa
Apple juice will cause, not relieve constipation due to the pectin in it. Plus he's still only a newborn with his corrected age- his gut cannot cope with it. I would say it's the amount of iron he is on. Iron is obviously important but too much can cause constipation. Speak to your doctor about it. And, please, no more apple juice! Nothing except his formula. --edit-- your nurse gave bad advice. Honestly. Pears are great for older babies and toddlers, but not children your son's age. And apple is a treatment for diarrhoea. If it does work then it'll be due to the sugar content in the juice, not the fruit.
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Randa Originally Answered: Can Soy Milk cause constipation? What are the affects of drinking too much soy? Foods that help constipation?
Soy milk/products might, because it has a lot of protein in it. Try All-Bran buds in the morning with just a bit of your soy milk, and try to drink a lot of water as well.

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