Is there any such thing as ' healthy" carnival food?

Is there any such thing as ' healthy" carnival food? Topic: Is there any such thing as ' healthy" carnival food?
October 19, 2019 / By Drew
Question: with summer here we all love to go to carnivals, local festivals. I saw an article of the most unhealthy carnival foods. I thought the idea of fair food was not to be healthy. So just curious is there any healthy fair foods or would that spoil all the fun
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Best Answers: Is there any such thing as ' healthy" carnival food?

Briar Briar | 1 day ago
It's a carnilal I think it is one of the only times it is healthy to eat junk food go for the cotten candy, the hotdogs, the mini dounuts all that good stuff and enjoy you can worry about being heathy later
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Briar Originally Answered: Losing Weight: Is there such a thing as healthy food that tastes good, too?
there is TONS of extreeeemely yumy food that is healthy. :D. like dried fruit, whole-grain bread, turkey, chicken, Special K cereal, nuts, jello, dark chocolate, tea, fresh juice, etc. The list can go on forever. dont be so hard on yourself. I usally go with eat what you want, but in moderation. MODERATION. if i want ice cream, then fine: but no more than 1/2 a cup a day. If i want McDonalds, sure: but get the mini carrots instead of fries (or get the smaller fries) and sparkling water instead of soda. Pizza? no problem, just dont eat the whole freakin thing! You get the drift? Just eat what you feel like, but cut down on the portions. Or else the cravings are gonan get so insane and you will just feel miserable. and try to only eat the really junky junk food on fridays and weekends :). also, whatever you do, dont count calories and only allow yourself to weigh yourself max twice a week. And join a gym :). they usually have these really fun "classes" that you can go to where they do everything from spinning to Afro. awesome stuff.

Ahian Ahian
Maybe the fresh squeezed lemonade but it has a ton of sugar in it. Frozen Bananas,and the corn on the cob, just watch how much butter and salt you put on it. Eat whatever you want, look at the carnies they look pretty healthy don't they? They eat carnival food all the time. Hopefully you don't visit Wisconsin you would go into shock if you see what the people eat up here. It would cause most peoples arteries to clog.Good thing we thin out our blood by saturating it with beer. Deep fried snickers mmm...
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Susanna Susanna
Mmm....I found how to eat eat helathy in a carnival. This tells you what not to choose and what to replace it with instead. 1.Avoid certain tempting foods for the main course. These foods are excessively high in fat and calories. A regular size corn dog or hot dog has about 14 grams of fat and over 200 calories. An average 9 inch plate of nachos with cheese can be as much as 60 grams of fat and over 800 calories. 2.Choose these types of healthy foods to be included in the main course. An ounce of peanuts have about 14 grams of fat and over 150 calories and is a good choice because of the unsaturated fat. An average size soft baked pretzel is baked and may only have about 2 grams of fat and 300 calories. A sandwich with lunch meat instead of a cheeseburger can save you over 30 grams of fat and about 200 calories. 3.Avoid these carnival desserts. A funnel cake tips the scales at over 40 grams of fat and 700 calories. Soft serve ice cream is over 10 grams of fat and 200 calories. 4.Partake in these desserts if you decide to indulge. Caramel apples have 1 gram of fat and about 300 calories. Cotton candy or snow cones with about 3 oz. of syrup have no fat and around 200 calories. All of these options are high in sugar but have low or no fat. 5skip the sodas because of the high calories they contain. Instead choose water or even unsweetened tea. Hope this helped.ღ
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Rain Rain
Try mini donuts, Churros, and Elephant ears. Seriously though, for healthy how about Kettle Corn.
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Melveen Melveen
No virgina there no such thing as healthy fair food. Just go to the fair and enjoy yourself. don't feel guilty about it.Its only once a year.
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Melveen Originally Answered: Is sushi a healthy thing to eat?
Well, um... so many Asian people do eat it.. and they have bred like rabbits in the years past.. so.. proof that it's not so bad??? Certain fish you can never use as seafood, just most are safe. There's one or two fish out in the ocean that should never be eaten, and in some places in Asia they do eat it and some live, some die. I read it in a book.. If you get sushi at a sushi bar or Asian restaurant, it is definately safe to eat. Trustable. Benefits.. well, omega-3, less loss of nutrient by it not being cooked at all or just cooked for a tiny bit to kill some of the bacteria, if there is any. Fish is protein. And Omega-3 is very benefitial. fish has omega-3. Fish oil to the body has its own beneficial things.. here.. http://fishoilbenefit.net/ Edit: the poison fish i mentioned: Fugu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FuguToxicity · Consumption · Poison · Aquaculture · Availability · Social aspects In some cases, they even eat the highly poisonous liver as a delicacy. ... Venomous fish; Japanese seafood; Japanese cuisine terms Personal ...

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