Unexplained weight loss & lung spot; doctors wont talk?

Unexplained weight loss & lung spot; doctors wont talk? Topic: Unexplained weight loss & lung spot; doctors wont talk?
October 19, 2019 / By Dougie
Question: A friend of mine has been going to the doctor and they found a spot on his lungs...he has not been sleeping and has lost about 20 pounds in the last couple of weeks. They point blank asked a nurse what it could possibly be, after the tests were run, and the nurse refused to talk about it. They are acting kind-of shady about it...of course the results of the test will tell, but those wont be out for a few days...anyone have any idea what it could be with these combined symptoms? One nurse did say that it could be a type of scar tissue on the lung from when he had pneumonia a couple of years ago...he is over 65 years old. He is not a smoker so therefore no obvious reasons (other than he had pneumonia a couple of years ago) that he would have lung issues. There are no symptoms except a spot on his lung and he cannot sleep. And he has lost 20 lbs in the past couple of weeks. He had the test run a few days ago, not a few weeks, so he only has a few days to wait, but we didnt know if there might be a reason they are seeming to be so secretive.
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Brent Brent | 6 days ago
You didn't mention what were his symptoms? Why he took chest x-rays. Is he a smoker? Is he having problem away from the lungs? Weight loss and spot in the chest could due to lung cancer or tuberculosis.
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Ahern Ahern
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Sunday Sunday
I would suggest calling the doctor, not asking the nurse. The nurse probably doesn't want to speculate; she's not qualified to guess given symptoms but no diagnosis from a doctor, unless it's something really obvious (and even then, she might be restricted, to minimize chances of lawsuits). His doctor is far better qualified to suggest possibilities, though may or may not be able to say much definite until the test results are in. It seems odd though that it has been weeks since the test and no results? I would definitely call the doctor in this case, to find out why the delay, if nothing else.
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Rae Rae
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