What is a fast metabolism?

What is a fast metabolism? Topic: What is a fast metabolism?
May 25, 2019 / By Dorian
Question: I really don't understand what it is or how it works? People say I have one. I ate loads yesterday and the weight I put on has gone already, is this a fast metabolism?
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Brenden Brenden | 3 days ago
A metabolism is what makes u lose calories. Thats why natrually skinny people can eat anything because they have a super fast metabolism and stay skinny. You must have a fast one since you burned that junk off :) but if u dont eat much it will slow down and get lots of sleep becuz its speeds it up:)
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Brenden Originally Answered: what is a good way for me to gain weight fast? Im skinny due to my fast metabolism?
Eat constantly. snacks. Good food though, because you don't want to put on unhealthy weight! My boyfriend recently was trying to put on weight. He drank Ensure drinks (you can find them at local grocery stores) with meals. They are healthy, high in calories, and taste really good. It will add an extra 200-300 calories to your meals with just a can of it. Eat bigger meals too. I make my boyfriend very large breakfasts to start his day off with a lot of calories. just try and keep your calorie intake high -- but as i mentioned before -- eat healthy foods still! Good luck!
Brenden Originally Answered: what is a good way for me to gain weight fast? Im skinny due to my fast metabolism?
Weight train and eat lots of fat. Weight training puts on muscle, which, well, adds to your weight. Eatings fats is good because they are calorie dense--for the volume you eat that normally fills you up, fats will add a lot more calories than proteins or carbs (9 Calories per gram of fat, as compared to 4 Calories per gram of carb/protein).

Afton Afton
Many answers to "what fast metabolism means" don't make sense. Saying that one has a "fast" metabolism and therefore can stay thin while consuming many more food than the average person doesn't intelligently explain this issue. For example, what happens to all the calories that are processed rapidly during the so-called fast metabolism have to go somewhere in the body. Just saying your metabolize them is way too simplistic. These extra calories have to be used up rapidly by extra activity or they are to be stored in the body someplace in muscle or as fat. The calories can't just disappear. So just saying someone has a "fast" metabolism, or whatever reason doesn't explain why they can a lot and still stay thin.
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Suellen Suellen
It's the speed at which chemical reactions take place in the body. In this case, it is the rate of digestion and how quickly your body uses up the energy (calories) which you take in from food. It is speeded up by exercise, sleep and eating little and regularly. However much is to do with genes (:
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Suellen Originally Answered: How do I get a fast metabolism?
what i do: -Eat and drink water before everything you eat it fills you up so you dont eat too much -When you eat only eat a fist size food. -this might sound weird but wear tight clothing it helps you suck in and when you suck in you loose weight...Did you know tht?? -Exercise when you do sit ups in the morning it increases matabalizim. Hope this helped THX!!

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