how do u get kids to eat healthy?

how do u get kids to eat healthy? Topic: how do u get kids to eat healthy?
May 26, 2019 / By Dore
Question: they are actually not mine, but my fiances children. their mother does not feed them veggies or meat, pop tarts and cerial. her cooking is chicken nuggets and mac and cheese. we try and make them eat healthy the time we have them but they wont. they are 4 and 8, and they wont eat dinner at all if i even put vegetables on their plate!!! what can i do???? the 4yr old used to eat them, but he is becoming a follower of his older brother. 6 minutes ago we have tried all the bribes and sent them to bed after dinner with no snack following. its been id have to say almost a year, no veggies. they WILL not eat them. they wont eat any type of potatoes except french fries. what can we do? they dont eat fruit, the lil one eats applesauce. but nothing else. they are mine but not biologically. we get them everyother weekend (but ususally ends up being every weekend) and on wednesdays.
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Brendan Brendan | 2 days ago
I have the same prob with my 4 yr old. She always loved veggies as a toddler!! I think when she started pre-school something changed and now she "doesn't like" anything! I tell her that she has to eat so many bites (exact number depends- and I think they are more apt to eat it if they see and end in sight!!), I involve her in preparing the food (she now loves meatloaf and salmon), give her as much of the healthy stuff she does like as she wants, don't keep any junk food or "quick meals" like nuggets/pizza in the house, and don't use candy or junk as rewards. Eventually she will realize that if you are hungry, you must eat the food we have, which is healthy. I think I will also try that Deceptively Delicious book, I still need some help with this! (oh, and I tell her that stuff like spinach and peas and beans will make her "poot" - she loves this LOL. This may work for you if you have boys. : ) ) I also try reverse psychology. I fix "my" plate and walk out of the room saying "ok, I'll be right back, DON'T eat my......." Good Luck! P.S. Jessica has some good advice too, I also sneak in wheat germ in just about everything (meatloaf, breadding on meats), baked sweet potato fries, and the half-and-half flour. However, my daughter won't touch yogurt or jello if she sees that fruit floating in it haha! I just try to get her yogurt w/ little sugar. And offer her only juice, milk, or water to drink.
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Affton Affton
Mine eat junk and healthy stuff. Which is amazing to me. Those little carrots and some light ranch after school before dinner are a hit. Different fruits cut up and put out in a bowl. Etc. Mine have to at least try them. And no desert unless they put down at least 3 bites of the offending dish lol!
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Sue Sue
well two options came to mind. 1. there are a lot of foods that taste good that are healthy, for example cheerios are kind of healthy with a lot of vitamins. i dont know if its too late to introduce tasty fruits like plums, mango, kiwi. make marinated chicken (not fried), and put a little i cant believe its not butter in mashed potatos to give it a good taste. there are smoothies like odwalla drinks that is extremely healthy. things like salsa is practically all tomato based and tastes good just be careful about giving them too many chips and if so get chips with the highest dietary fiber, and lowest saturated fat you can find. crackers and low fat cottage cheese. oh put a little bit of nesquick chocolate milk in non fat milk, its barely any sugar if you put a little. and about the veggies, make sandwiches and get whole grain bread, lean meat like turkey or chicken, load it with tomatos and avacado (yum) and instead of mayonaise put mustard on it. celery and peanut butter with raisins on top, make it fun 2. put the food on the table and they will eventually get hungry enough to eat it
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Rachel Rachel
my son is in the exact same situation. When my wife and I have him he refuses to eat carrots. We finally had to start making him eat the carrots before he eats anything else, and we don't let him get up from the table till he is done eating, sometimes hours unfortunately. that's the best advise I can give you sorry its not better but hope it helps.
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Melia Melia
Jerry Sienfeld's wife wrote a cookbook on how to sneak all kinds of good stuff into your kids' food. It might be worth a shot. Have fun, delicious snacks available and eat them yourself...apple slices, carrot sticks, yogurt..
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Melia Originally Answered: Healthy food recipes for kids?
SJ-SC-CA Incredible Chicken Salad 3 cups chicken breast (cooked and cubed) 1 cup pineapple (diced) 1/2 cup celery (diced) 1/2 cup mayonnaise 1/4 cup raisins 1/4 cup walnuts 1/8 cup dried cranberries 2 Tablespoons sweet onion (minced) 2 Tablespoons apple juice Combine all ingredients in a bowl until well combined and chill. Serve with a lettuce garnish. ***You can use the chicken salad as a sandwich filling.***

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