Auto Immune Disease, Gluten Intolerance, or Depression?

Auto Immune Disease, Gluten Intolerance, or Depression? Topic: Auto Immune Disease, Gluten Intolerance, or Depression?
July 18, 2019 / By Donnie
Question: I am having memory loss, speech problems, achiness, tingling and numbness in my left arm and hand, shortness of breath. I take Ambien and noone seems to think that is the problem. I also have been to the neurologist. They have been treating me for depression for a month and it has not worked at all. I told him my chiropractor suggested being tested for Gluten Intolerance and he laughed. Any ideas? Anyone have a lot of the symptoms I do?
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Branden Branden | 6 days ago
Gluten intolerance is often an auto immune disorder (i can't say always, because I don't know that for sure), and definitely celiac disease is. Gluten intolerance is also linked to depression in many cases. There is no recognized test for gluten intolerance (except celiac disease). The only test is to stop eating it for several weeks (at least 3), then do a challenge test by eating at every meal for a day. Problems such as you describe may be linked to gluten intolerance. The research is too new to have reached the professionals yet (they are almost always several years behind the times). Personally, in your case, I would give up gluten pronto, regardless of what they say, and see what happens. These particular problems do take some time to shift even on a non-gluten diet, but you should start to see some improvement as you go, which will give you hope for a complete recovery. There's a guy on twitter who had early dementia and he says it is almost 100% gone now (after quite a few months on a gluten free diet), but I can't remember his twitter name. Twitter is a good place to meet other glutenfree-ers, who are on the diet for a range of different reasons. They are not cranks, but people who have decided to take their health care out of the hands of so called professionals who can only think of drugs and procedures (profit motive anybody?), and have researched and found possible reasons, tried the solution out and found that it works.
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Adlai Adlai
You're not paranoid. Of course no one here can tell you if you have celiac disease, but since you are already diagnosed with one autoimmune disorder your likelihood of developing others is much higher. It's possible that you could have celiac disease, or could have some other underlying disorder. Don't freak out quite yet, but do go to the doctor to discuss your symptoms.
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Stephenie Stephenie
If you're having that many symptoms, I suggest trying the diet on your own. My doctor laughed at me too. And when my depression and anxiety went away in 2 days I fired him! Try it and see if it helps. He's not an expert.
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Quianna Quianna
celiac disease causes significant nutritional deficiencies that can manifest as neurological symptoms like yours. if you feel like you may be gluten intolerant, go see a gastroenterologist. go with your instincts. nobody knows your body like you do.
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Meggie Meggie
well if you have numbness/tingling, sob, chest pain, black out or anything like that i would suggest you go to the ER
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Yes, colds, infections, etc tend to linger longer in those of us who are sick. Our immune system is out of whack and the medications we take don't help. I have lupus and have to take immunosuppressants so when I'm exposed to a virus/bacteria, if I contract it, it stays around. I had bronchitis for 8 weeks this year- 3 different antibiotics, steroids, breathing treatments, inhalers, etc. It wasn't fun. I'm religious about washing my hands, using hand sanitzer, making my kids wash theirs, etc, etc. And I try to be as healthy as I can. Take care

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